Losing instinctive ability in modern times

If you’ve ever been in love, there must be a time when you felt that the world evolves around the both of you. You would somehow want to call each other up at the same time, eating the same food, thinking of the same thing. The relationship between you and your other half somehow becomes exclusive. You somehow can detect the feelings of your loved one. There’s a significant connection. It’s like you’re psychic.

In the famous scene in Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham where the mother suddenly paced towards the outside of her home. She can somehow sense that her eldest son is coming home.

Carl Jung’s theory of synchronicity seems to be able to explain this somewhat paranormal circumstances. Without sounding superstitious. It’s like humans are in sync with each other. In social media, algorithm explain why things that interest us keep popping up on our feed. In human beings? Is there some sort of electromagnetic wave that connects us all subconsciously? Perhaps Prof Xavier’s superpowers are real after all.

Delivering lectures and tutorials online

I am currently in my 9th semester. I find it interesting to see the various techniques, my tutors choose to deliver their material online. MCO seemed to have sparked a lot of creativity among educators in how to maintain students’ interest in online study.

While some tutorials remain traditional with PowerPoint, some have taken the leap into using other alternatives like Wix and other online applications. In a way, I could also learn these different modes of presentation/ material/ software for my own presentation. There are tutors who love to use Youtube videos as adjuncts to their teaching. Or direct us to links online where we could find additional reading materials.

This semester, one of my tutors had a pre-recorded video of her giving her talk. She was present as well, of course, to answer students’ enquiries as we listen through the video. I mean her slot was 2 hours so it’s not a wonder that it was a good strategy. That is something to learn as well. Putting myself on video, synchronizing beside the slides.

Minding my tasks

Instagram recommended the Invisible Cameraman account to me a few days ago. I guess I am not the only one intrigued by the current social media phenomenon. Where people make questionable content of whether it is true or fake.

I have just completed listening to the e-tutorial recording for my Cross-Cultural psychology class. I really love this subject. So much so that I bought a textbook for further reading. We have just delved into the 1st topic and I thought the idea of Individualism and Collectivism would be a good point to include in my Industrial Training report.

I have several deadlines to keep this quarter of the year. Apart from assignments, there are also other work-related mini projects that I have to complete like Diabetes Day and HIV Awareness Week. It seems that there is always something to do every month. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, so much so that I tend to forget to live in the moment.

Mindfulness, that’s the key.

Social media psyche

The field of psychology evolves with time.

Social media is new and there is plenty of room to research on and study.

There are some things that I still find puzzling as a psychology student and I intend to find out why people behave the way they do. Some scenarios that intrigued me include;

  • Crying on camera – a person says he/she has mental health issues. This person then decides to film themselves crying their eyes out and broadcast it on social media. The justification given was to raise awareness and keep it real.
  • Filming other people (as the core topic/idea) and making it their content on social media. I get that when you film yourself in public, you’re bound to accidentally stranger’s faces here and there. But to purposely capture someone else, without their consent and make them the star of your videos seems weird.
  • Becoming an instant expert – suddenly everyone is an expert in skin care, business or irking health.
  • Loyal, innocent and unsuspecting fans/followers – no matter what, the influencers they ‘follow’ are always in the right.
  • The viral phenomenon – what makes something viral? what are the key features of something being viral.

I am sure there is more to this.

Semester 9

This is the last leg of my 3rd year. Next year, I would be in my final year. I am just so glad to have started this journey. I think the mind reset helped a bit. It is one of those, even if it takes me 4 years to finish this, I am still going to be 41 years old at the end of it, no matter what. Might as well just do something. And if I decide to pursue a Masters after that, I would still be 45 at the end of it. Something like that.

For this semester, the Industrial Placement module is still on board. The other two subjects are Cross-Cultural Psychology and Introduction to Counseling. Online classes will start next week.

For Semester 8, I got an A for Clinical Psychology. I was proud of it as I did put my heart and soul into the assignment with the tables and all. It was interesting to explore and write up. I am still waiting for the final marks of my Chinese language subject.