Assignments. Completed

I could now heave a sigh of relief. After much correction and such, I have finally completed my assignments and uploaded it on to the portal. I followed the instructions and am crossing my fingers that I have understood the questions properly.

I think I will upload my assignment here later once I have it marked by the tutors. I fear that they might come across my own essay and flag it as plagiarism. ha ha ha.

On a different note, I was approached by an OUM representative to make a short video to capture how I feel and navigate my way through my studies during the lockdown. Especially with me being a frontliner and all. Although I work in a primary care setting and our workload may not be as much as those in the hospital, we are still taking proper precautions to avoid being infected.

Anyway, here is the video I submitted to OUM Melaka.

Covid-19 & Moi

Just when I thought my 1st semester would be smooth sailing – I was ambushed by Covid-19. This means I will be juggling my energy between kerja hakiki and part-time study. I am one of the frontliners but working in a primary care setting.


Our risk involved seeing patients who are unaware that they have Covid-19. This is because some patients may be asymptomatic and are coming to the clinic for something totally different. We do not have enough PPE to wear in the outpatient department, so our best defense is a surgical mask, an apron, and gloves. We also hope that more people would stay at home and avoid clinic visits for hand creams and eye drops of very minor ailments.

Despite this, the exams are still happening in 3 weeks. Revision must go on.


Class canceled

COVID-19 is taking its toll on the community. I am considering to sketch a mind map of what I understand about Covid-19 up to now.

The initial plan this weekend was to attend my tutorials, meet up with my lecturers and pick their brains. I was looking forward to meeting up with my coursemates but it looks like it will be postponed to a later date.

Now that class is canceled, my husband decided to take the family out for a mini staycation at a nearby hotel. We are staying put here for the whole weekend since our residential area is also facing water rationing.

My assignments are 60% in progress and I am thrilled. Hoping to get it done by the end of next week.