Friend in psychology

I am overthinking but I cannot help wondering why a certain Divine Intervention is happening right now. I just discovered that a colleague at work ( a lovely fellow occupational therapist) will be pursuing her degree in also, Psychology at my learning center.

If only I had known that she too has similar interests, I would’ve enrolled together with her so we could be in the same semester and share study notes. I rarely see her on a working day because her room is rather isolated at the back of the clinic. However, from our limited interactions with each other, she is such a lovely soul.

Perhaps Allah has planned likewise for me to be her senior of 1 semester (lol) for reasons I have yet to uncover. Mungkin nak bagi aku rajin sikit. Huhu.

The syllabus is getting more challenging. History of psychology is overwhelming as I try to fit in The Man to its time and figuring out the world events happening concurrently to give me some sort of perspective. InsyaAllah, if ever I could understand it better – I will make a video explaining it in Bahasa Melayu cause I personally think it is not easy to translate these concepts into Malay especially when some learners prefer to use Malay to write their essays and such.

I am relying a lot on our e-tutorials on GoogleMeet. My psychology tutor Mr Manimaran explained the 2nd topic well, I don’t feel very lost. Just less lost but am navigating my way through. Ha ha ha. I have less than 1 month to complete my 3 assignments unless the deadlines shifted. I really hope they do.

Semester 2. Finding the ropes

Due to COVID-19, all of our learning will be conducted online. Apart from the usual e-module, forums and virtual lectures, we now have E-tutorials conducted via GoogleMeet. Seems that my husbands gift to me of a pair of headphones will be put to good use.

I like to get a an overview or outline of the things I hope to study. This semester I hope to become more organized in my schedules. So, after downloading the OUM modules to my laptop and Google Drive, I made a list of the topics and tasks required for each subject.

Guess what?

I just realized this semester that on top of my student email (via Google), I actually get a whole new Google Drive with it too. Meaning, I could keep all my learning materials there whilst having a separate one for my personal use. Uh-may-zing.

Once I have listed down the topics, I try to plan my reading of the topics in my planner. As I am unsure of how much reading is required of each topic, I try to put 1 or 2 topics weekly for each subject over a span of at least 8 weeks. This is so I could have some time to prepare for my exams at the end of the semester. Plus, you never know what might crop up work-wise since I am still working full time.

I find that the subject of History and Philosophy of Psychology to be a challenging read because it is narrative in nature. It’s like a story. And for someone like me who needs to grasp things in point form, will need to develop skills to read between the lines and find the intended meaning. With that in mind, I need to make an effort to REMEMBER when my e-tutorials are as I tend to sleep very early at night. The recent 1st tutorial for Psychology by my e-tutor Mr Manimaran helped to put things into perspective for my learning. Too bad, all of us learners couldn’t join him for that session because of some connection glitch. I hope to join in for the 2nd session next week. It is very fruitful.

I am also actively searching for tutorial videos on Youtube to help me understand the topic better. I will share those videos if I ever find them. In a few hours, I will be having another GoogleMeet tutorial. This time with the library team with the hope to polish my skills in searching for literature and writing up my references well with the APA format style.

It is raining cats and dogs at the moment. I really hope that my internet connection will be stable.

OUM Emerald Quiz

Came across this on the library’s FB page.

Since this is an academic sorta quiz, I allocated some time earlier this morning to have a look. I don’t think answering the quiz would be in 5 mins especially when Emerald wanted to introduce their database. I am sure it would involve some searching and reading.

So at 5AM I prepared my Essenso coffee and a banana. I am already up at this hour most days lately since I have gotten used to it in Ramadhan. Occasionally, I would wake up at 6AM.

And yes, it did took me about an hour to finish it. I obtained an 8/10 score. There is no limit in participation. So, InsyaAllah I will try again later. I still hutang a few topics to read this weekend across my 3 subjects.

Front row seats

Can you smell the enthusiasm? I have brought out my Psych notes out from The Files. Ready to face Semester 2 of my studies.

My friend, a Masters student and myself are checking our study portals almost everyday for updates and a glimpse of our tutorial handbooks. He was more steadfast and lagi rajin I suppose, cause he watsapped the learning centre himself asking of his module. Turned out both of us missed the memo that study period will commence on the 11th of June and exam period will be around August. Our nerdiness could not be contained.

He is probably like myself, the front row seat occupiers.

I often choose to sit in the front row seat because I am short and it is easier for me to see the board or any form of practical demonstration. Questions are rarely thrown to front row seat students although the risk of being first to present something is 50/50. I also have a problem in my hearing of which I need to get up close to the lecturer and if possible see his/her lip movement while speaking. I’ve had an audiogram before to assess this problem. My hearing results are fine despite this struggle. Maybe it is a confidence thing. (gosh)

Just the other day another colleague asked me if it is possible for me to even finish this course even if it is not on time? I understood his concerns with the kind of work we are doing daily on top of our familial duties. Now that learning activities have differed with the invasion of Covid-19, students are in a way affected to a certain degree. It was to me, not a condescending question but more of an inquisitive one.

I braved a smile behind my mask and said, “InsyaAllah OK, OUM after all is pretty much online already. We will pull through”

Prejudice. George Floyd

George Floyd’s death went viral. He died during an arrest on the allegation of distributing counterfeit money. His slow, agonizing death was caught on video and the clip blast worldwide. The video was captured by a helpless teenager who wanted to help but worry of consequences imposed by authorities.

The BlackLivesMatter awareness/ movement has been around for years . The African American community are openly subjected to cognitive bias ( as in the case of Amy Cooper) which, if not investigated properly could wrongly lead to police brutality. A life could be taken away in such misunderstanding.

In my 1st semester, we had a module on Social Psychology and one of the topics discussed Prejudice.


Prejudice is a cognitive framework and is often portrayed as a negative attitude directed to a particular group or individual. It is a form a belief conceived from various sources such as from socialization, conforming behaviors, direct inter group conflict and social categorization. The framework is able to stay in a loop as it saves mental effort to formulate a new one or if it boosts ones own self image.

Prejudice tends to be mistaken as discrimination. While both brings on a negative connotation to it, discrimination is more towards a form of negative BEHAVIOUR towards the intended group or individual. Apartheid and WW2 are glaring examples of this.

Someone may not be able to see a person with PREJUDICE unless the person exhibits it in a form of behaviour that supports it. That is when DISCRIMINATION jumps on board.

Prejudice will continue to exist. It is inevitable. It’s like Malays being associated as being lazy and corrupted no matter how. Or Asians being perceived as 3rd world citizens despite hailing from a very developed land called Singapore. There will always be supporting factors that seem to give weight to these pre-existing frameworks making it difficult to go away.

In Mr Floyds case, because of his skin colour – he was associated with a crime and was already presumed guilty before proper questioning.

R.I.P George Floyd.