Prejudice. George Floyd

George Floyd’s death went viral. He died during an arrest on the allegation of distributing counterfeit money. His slow, agonizing death was caught on video and the clip blast worldwide. The video was captured by a helpless teenager who wanted to help but worry of consequences imposed by authorities.

The BlackLivesMatter awareness/ movement has been around for years . The African American community are openly subjected to cognitive bias ( as in the case of Amy Cooper) which, if not investigated properly could wrongly lead to police brutality. A life could be taken away in such misunderstanding.

In my 1st semester, we had a module on Social Psychology and one of the topics discussed Prejudice.


Prejudice is a cognitive framework and is often portrayed as a negative attitude directed to a particular group or individual. It is a form a belief conceived from various sources such as from socialization, conforming behaviors, direct inter group conflict and social categorization. The framework is able to stay in a loop as it saves mental effort to formulate a new one or if it boosts ones own self image.

Prejudice tends to be mistaken as discrimination. While both brings on a negative connotation to it, discrimination is more towards a form of negative BEHAVIOUR towards the intended group or individual. Apartheid and WW2 are glaring examples of this.

Someone may not be able to see a person with PREJUDICE unless the person exhibits it in a form of behaviour that supports it. That is when DISCRIMINATION jumps on board.

Prejudice will continue to exist. It is inevitable. It’s like Malays being associated as being lazy and corrupted no matter how. Or Asians being perceived as 3rd world citizens despite hailing from a very developed land called Singapore. There will always be supporting factors that seem to give weight to these pre-existing frameworks making it difficult to go away.

In Mr Floyds case, because of his skin colour – he was associated with a crime and was already presumed guilty before proper questioning.

R.I.P George Floyd.