Front row seats

Can you smell the enthusiasm? I have brought out my Psych notes out from The Files. Ready to face Semester 2 of my studies.

My friend, a Masters student and myself are checking our study portals almost everyday for updates and a glimpse of our tutorial handbooks. He was more steadfast and lagi rajin I suppose, cause he watsapped the learning centre himself asking of his module. Turned out both of us missed the memo that study period will commence on the 11th of June and exam period will be around August. Our nerdiness could not be contained.

He is probably like myself, the front row seat occupiers.

I often choose to sit in the front row seat because I am short and it is easier for me to see the board or any form of practical demonstration. Questions are rarely thrown to front row seat students although the risk of being first to present something is 50/50. I also have a problem in my hearing of which I need to get up close to the lecturer and if possible see his/her lip movement while speaking. I’ve had an audiogram before to assess this problem. My hearing results are fine despite this struggle. Maybe it is a confidence thing. (gosh)

Just the other day another colleague asked me if it is possible for me to even finish this course even if it is not on time? I understood his concerns with the kind of work we are doing daily on top of our familial duties. Now that learning activities have differed with the invasion of Covid-19, students are in a way affected to a certain degree. It was to me, not a condescending question but more of an inquisitive one.

I braved a smile behind my mask and said, “InsyaAllah OK, OUM after all is pretty much online already. We will pull through”