Friend in psychology

I am overthinking but I cannot help wondering why a certain Divine Intervention is happening right now. I just discovered that a colleague at work ( a lovely fellow occupational therapist) will be pursuing her degree in also, Psychology at my learning center.

If only I had known that she too has similar interests, I would’ve enrolled together with her so we could be in the same semester and share study notes. I rarely see her on a working day because her room is rather isolated at the back of the clinic. However, from our limited interactions with each other, she is such a lovely soul.

Perhaps Allah has planned likewise for me to be her senior of 1 semester (lol) for reasons I have yet to uncover. Mungkin nak bagi aku rajin sikit. Huhu.

The syllabus is getting more challenging. History of psychology is overwhelming as I try to fit in The Man to its time and figuring out the world events happening concurrently to give me some sort of perspective. InsyaAllah, if ever I could understand it better – I will make a video explaining it in Bahasa Melayu cause I personally think it is not easy to translate these concepts into Malay especially when some learners prefer to use Malay to write their essays and such.

I am relying a lot on our e-tutorials on GoogleMeet. My psychology tutor Mr Manimaran explained the 2nd topic well, I don’t feel very lost. Just less lost but am navigating my way through. Ha ha ha. I have less than 1 month to complete my 3 assignments unless the deadlines shifted. I really hope they do.