Exam Week Start

Exam week starts tomorrow. I will be starting with English For Written Communication, Principles of Management and finally Psychology. I am so glad that Psychology has an MCQ format for this semester. At least, I can find a trigger in my brain for the correct answer. I don’t think I can write an essay say, on the biodata for Wilhelm Wundt.

I am a bit nervous about my English paper. It is one of the subjects where you think you know a lot of but ended up failing it anyway. It reminds me of the a subject I failed being a medical student in Manchester. The task was to summarize a journal in 100 words. Mencabar. Thankfully, I passed for my second attempt.

I loved Principles of Management. I couldn’t help evaluating the management style of my superior after that. And how it could be better.

I cannot wait for this week to be over so that I could finish up on my management essay and hand it in. Then, I will have at least a one week break before I pulun and pull off a studying strategy for my 3rd semester. In between, I am looking forward to 2 stay cations in the city.

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