Semester 2: A Reflection

Semester 2 started when Covid-19 was at it’s peak. I remembered feeling restless waiting for the modules to come out on OUM MyVLE as I felt that I am pressed for time to study and work at the same time. I think the modules were finally up in the 2nd week of June for the semester starting in May.

Maybe that is how the semester starts? I’m not sure. I will have to see the pattern for next semester due to start in September, whether the modules would be up in October.

There were a few things I thought I could improve next semester;

  • Start my assignments early. At least draft out what my ideas are. Just so I could get hold of extra resources from the library and work on it at a comfortable pace. I defied sleep and rest for this one.
  • Try to attend more Google Meet classes. So far, I have been an avid attendee for my psychology and management classes. I was absent in all of my English class because I got the time messed up. The classes are not compulsory but it helps for learners to understand better.
  • Interact more in forum and maybe, in tutorials. I still feel that tutors explain concepts better than reading books or watching YouTube videos.
  • Make more friends?
  • Plan out my study schedule better. I thought I had it under control but I find that my reading activities are very basic. I did not get much reading on the extras from references books and such.
  • Practice my APA referencing style more. Maybe do some sort of latih tubi online.

The last few weeks were stressful as I was studying for the exam. I think it showed at work as my assistants seemed quite distant. My nose was either in a book or paper notes and vigorously typing on my laptop in my free time between patients.

I definitely talked less at work. After all, I did not take leave at all for this month and relied on that brief break of Awal Muharram to clear the mind. I am making a mental note to apply for leave next month. I also did a stationery haul (of course lerr) to motivate my studies. Can’t wait to use them for my note-taking.

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