Semester 3 Starts!

Initially, I signed up for 4 subjects but eventually dropped one of them to give way to another subject I am hoping to get into. The registration process for my preferred subject seems a bit tedious though. Have been creating tickets on the ERCM-thingy almost every few days for clarification. I really hope I could get it on board to fulfill my credit requirements.

I drafted my study plan in my Kokuyo and quickly realized a cons-point to it. The weekly campus planner does not have a monthly setup. So, I tore off a monthly page from my free insurance planner and stuck it inside my Kokuyo with a washi tape.

I think what I am looking for is a Hobonichi Cousin Techo layout without the grid pages for daily journaling.

I like that for this semester, the modules and assignment questions are released on time. Unlike the previous semester where it was out on the 2nd month of the semester. However, that could be due to the institution adjusting to the pandemic. I did feel that I was rushing through my syllabus and did not have adequate time to dwell on my assignments. It was sadly reflected in my semester exam marks. Tapi tkpe.. janji lulus. This semester kita cuba lagi. InsyaAllah.

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