Adopting better study habits

The examination results for Semester 2 is out. As predicted, I did not do well in my English For Written Communication subject. Gosh, its like medical school again where I flunked my also, English subject. Friends seem to think that because I can speak the language better than them, that means I write just as well. Truth is, academic writing is different. You need to plan the essay and have good supporting points. You don’t drag and write in a colloquial tone. It is not a blog entry.

In hindsight, part of my poor achievements could be due to the fact that I missed most of my online classes with the tutor. Although the sessions are not compulsory and are recorded, I did not have the initiative to allocate some time to go through the E-lectures. I did the mistake of undermining the difficulty level of the tasks involved. I feel that I could do better in terms with the references.

So, here are a few of my refreshed intentions to excel this semester

  • Try to attend the weekly E-tutorials for ALL subjects. It is a good platform for the tutors to at least discover that there is a student by the name of Minci. Switching on the camera during the LIVE session would be great but as for now, I will make do with a profile picture on my avatar.
  • Be more responsive in forums. That too, is a good source of information as sometimes tutors share articles and prompt questions to study more on a topic.
  • Find a friend? This is a struggle for an introvert like myself. So, we will see about this.
  • Research articles better. Utilize the TSDAS Digital Library. I think it is time to visit the librarian.
  • Polish on my APA and essay format. Although it doesn’t carry a lot of marks, every point helps when you are desperate. Plus, this is in preparation for hopefully Masters and phD journey.
  • Supplement the module material by reading from a good, recommended textbook. Cause some have really good examples.
  • Start my essay early – brainstorm on good search terms, plan the points and number of words for each paragraph.
  • Less publicity on progress in social media. Put in more (proper) work instead

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