Anatomy of my notes

There’s never that one correct way of making notes. Every learner has different styles of studying and purpose when making them. Some take notes on their tabs, some have lectures recorded with an audio device whereas others may resort to the good old fashion way of using papers and coloured pens. Even on paper there are various styles like flashcards, mind maps and such.

I use paper. It is easier for me to arrange my thoughts and see the bigger picture. I like having that big idea and outline of how my notes should be. This is basically how I do mine.

After the topic , I have this little web of Objectives that I’d like to achieve at the end of the lesson. Then, I would go through my handbook for the core ideas. There is an imaginary column at the right side of the page for additional points I gathered either from lectures, textbooks and other resources. This semester, the focus is on Social Psychology. I bought a textbook from Shopee after ‘researching’ on the recommended ones by students majoring in psychology overseas. There were plenty of good reviews for Social Psychology by Aronson. I bought the textbook for two reasons.

  • the price of the textbook was within my budget. It costs me less than RM100
  • I am considering Social Psychology as one of my topic of interest, as a final year project. So, having a reliable resource seems a good idea.

My initial notes usually don’t have colours. They’re just plain B&W. I only start to fill in the shades or beautify the arrows once I’ve sat in the e-lecture. Therefore, I make it a Must-Do thing before I attend my E-tutorials. In a way, I wouldn’t be entering class with an empty brain with no concept at all. So far, this method serves me well.

Sometimes, if there are too many words or there’s a nice diagram in the module, I would just print it out on recycled paper and paste it in my notes. I guess the anatomy of my notes is a mix and match of everything.

I try to complete at least 1 or 2 topics per week for each subject because I want more time to complete my assignments and do revision afterwards. The study schedule is ON POINT to date. Thank goodness for my Kokuyo Weekly Campus Planner and my MegaWeeks Hobonichi.

This method of taking notes is not suitable for every subject though. For instance my Community Service subject. I ended up printing the whole module instead of writing up the notes. Reason being, the module is a short one plus it could be useful for future non academic activities. Anyway, as I have said earlier there is no one way of writing your notes. So, just do you 🙂

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