Assignments, an integral exercise

Assignments are integral to one’s study journey in Open University Malaysia (OUM). This was a new experience to me as I am pretty sure in medical school, I did not have this many assignments. however, to be fair my medical curriculum was based on Problem Based Learning (PBL). That, in itself is already a weekly ‘assignment’ where under a heading, you are required to branch out to other disciplines and put it all under one roof.

For instance, on that one week you are learning about Fever- it will then be your task to dig out whatever relevant information you can find about fever – the systems involved, the disease, the management of it etc.. Once you’ve created your notes, you share them in your PBL group and the tutors will guide you.

But that is medical school. Now, in OUM in a different scientific discipline – this is my new learning curve. Assignments being one of it. As much as I dread it, I admit I do look forward to it every semester. It’s like,

  • what topic will I get to read more about this semester
  • how do I make my essays look more interesting to e-graders
  • can I do my APA referencing better this time

Of course the motivation slumps once in a while but you’ve got to keep going. Anyway, a brief update on what I’ve got up my sleeve for my subjects in semester 3.

  • Social psychology – we are to choose an issue in Malaysia pertaining to either prejudice, stereotype or discrimination. I’ve got my mind focused on gender issues. Thinking of doing something on leadership or employment opportunities. Undoubtedly a bit cliché but you’d be surprised at how much you still don’t know about an issue even if it is in your face the whole time.
  • Entrepreneurship – learners are required to discuss the impact of macroeconomic factors on global franchises. At first, I chose Sugar Bun only to discover that it is actually home grown. For peace of mind, I go for the common establishments like Subway. For this task, the answers are quite straight forward but I am hoping to make it more relevant with better choices of examples/scenarios. It is easy to say politics play a major role but it would be nicer to give an example of when politics did pose an impact onto the country’s state of economy. We want to delight the E-graders. LOL.
  • Community Service – I thought the task was fun. Yes, due to Covid19 the original objectives of this course were affected. Activities involving large groups are not allowed so the tasks had to be modified to suit the current circumstances. In a way, theory and implementation aren’t syncing but the message is getting across. I chose the theme Education Responsibility for my assignment. Still have a lot of things to do and I hope to score good marks as it is 100% dependent on the task.

Deadline for assignments are on the 16th of November and 6th of December for community services. Let’s light up the dynamite eh? [read BTS]

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