Exploring potentials

I took up a mini project a few months ago to clear up this small plot of land at the corner of my garden. The concept was a hybrid of modern and woodland sort of thing. Progress has been great and I’ve learned a lot of wisdom behind the simple act of caring for a plant. I looked for guidance from Youtube especially on how to grow and cure them. One thing I realized, just like human beings, plants have their own ways of behaving.

“He couldn’t even do that simple task, I don’t think he will manage a bigger one”

Often, our superiors judge us based on our previous and current performance. Rarely are they able to look beyond that and predict whether this underling could perform in an alternative situation. Ever heard how you cannot make the fish climb a tree? Maybe the person is underperforming because he is a fish placed on a tree instead of the sea?

Photo by Chevanon Photography on Pexels.com

Back to my garden, I have been nurturing a few tomato seedlings in their little pots. According to the gardeners on Youtube, I should transfer them on solid ground once they’ve reached a certain height. So I waited and checked on their roots regularly trying to figure out why these seedlings aren’t growing that fast. One day, I decided to take the plunge and just put a few of them in the soil. Within a week, they had their growth spurts, which was amazing!

I did leave a few seedlings in the pot to see how they would fare but I realize that they aren’t growing at a desirable rate as their counterparts. Therefore I have just recently taken on the same strategy with my Maid of Orleans. I repotted them in a bigger space to see if they would respond to that change of environment. To ascertain if they would bloom better under such circumstances. I hope to see good results in a few weeks.

As for myself, I wonder if I am also a fish stuck on a tree. I feel that for the past 2 years and 10 months in my current workplace, I have not grown much as a person. I am grumpy almost every week. I feel that my talent (if any) has been perceived wrongly and channeled to an odd purpose. In short, I don’t find a spark of joy in my daily tasks. Feeling content has become rare.

I don’t plan to quit just yet. But I do have my 10 year plan in place in preparation for a new career afterwards. If everything goes well that is. In the meantime, I need to find my peace, my solace, my muse. My transfer application to a different clinic has reached the main office. The verdict should come out soon.

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