2 down , 1 to go

Alhamdulilah, managed to submit my Entrepreneurship and Social Psychology assignments on time. Still experiencing residual palpitations because I always have this paranoid feeling that I’ve submitted the wrong essay to the wrong subject. That is despite multiple checking before pressing the Submit Button.

For entrepreneurship, I wrote about Subway. So, that is kind of still sticking to the plan. For Social Psychology, I wrote about stereotyping religious groups specifically the Jemaah Tabligh. I am crossing my fingers hoping for good marks for both essays.

Other things crossed off my list include;

  • evaluating tutor performance
  • slotting in my exam dates for December in my Hobonichi. Looks like there’ll be another countdown
  • drafting questions for the interview with my husband tomorrow for the Community Service assignment. The deadline for this subject is the 6th of December. Plenty of time for that but I’d really like to get my revision going
  • mopping the floor
  • waking up my robot bibik to clean the bigger part of the house

The online registration for next semester is already open. 4 courses are on offer. I am still in a dilemma of whether I would be able to get 4 of them on board.

My youngest brother asked me about the MBA programme in Open University Malaysia (OUM). Seems like he needs a bit of a qualification boost to get him up the corporate ladder. He seemed very sure about his goals and as his sister, of course I gave him all the encouragement that he needed. He is doing very well as this marketing executive for JTech Robotics. I had a look at the fees and couldn’t help thinking that I’d have to prepare that much of money as well to pursue my own Masters (maybe) in the future.

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