Signed up for Year 2

In a blink of an eye, I am already in the 2nd year of my course. How time flies with so many things happening nowadays. I am so glad I took that leap of faith early of last year not knowing that COVID 19 will happen worldwide. At least I know I am walking, albeit slowly on the road not taken.

4 subjects are offered in Semester 4 which will commence in January 2021. I was torn between dropping a subject and taking them anyway. After much thinking between the 2 options over a week, I decided to just take all 4 subjects. I figured I just need to manage my time better and better. After all, there’s plenty of technological help and moments of opportunity for me to accomplish these tasks.

  • I have a Roborock S5 to help me do mini cleaning intermittently until I gather enough motivation to do them myself
  • I can do a Click and Collect at my nearest Tesco which is wonderful. I hope it stays like that forever and ever
  • Since school is still out – I can run errands during lunchtime and my parents in law can help mind the kids when I am desperate.

Now. The fees. It will cost me nearly RM2K next semester. InsyaAllah.. boleh diusahakan. Less shopping it is.

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