Propinquity Effect

means that

“.. the more we see and interact with people, the more likely they are to become our friends..”

even then not all friends will become lovers. I first met my husband in my surgical posting as housemens (HO). We were colleagues but never actually develop feelings for each other while working together. Perhaps we were very focused on to how to complete our rotation there while dodging fiery bullets from the surgeons. Indeed, our friendship blossomed and took a turn only after I have left the department.

Maybe it was that ‘bumping into each other’ two days in a row at the lift that nudged him to take me out. I will never know cause when I asked my husband about it – his cheeky response would be “oh, I just felt sorry for you that no one asked you out”... duh?

Even if the theory states that frequent encounters increases the chance of someone to develop a relationship – one can still not bow to that theory if there were not alert to the people and their surroundings. How is it that some people are not chummy with the cleaners? Or the pharmacists? This is because there are other factors involved and that, I will explore in my textbook later.


Happy New Year

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