A new study gadget

Mr Husband gave me a Samsung Tab A 8″ (2019) as a gift for our 10th wedding anniversary last week. I thought it was perfect. In fact, I had an eye for the item for quite some time before this. I was watching a few reviews on the Samsung S6 lite on Youtube and had no idea that this budget tab existed. Mine comes with a 32GB memory which I am told, can be upgraded later. Using a memory card?

Currently, I am arming it with apps that would enhance my studies and ahem my social media presence. I have already envisioned a few things I could do on my tab. I could read my pdf modules better on it. I can make blog drafts or notes on the go. I can read e-books on it before going to bed at night. I can also edit videos or photos on it in the comfort of my bed that is easy to my eyes.

Photo by Kaboompics .com on Pexels.com

Some of the apps I downloaded on my tab are;

  • Docquity & MIMS Malaysia – this is important for my continuous medical education. I am aiming to complete at least 2 online CMEs per week on both platforms. I am still a medical doc first and a psychology student after.
  • Canon Connect – I can transfer my photos or videos here instead of to my phone. Perhaps I can edit it better on my video editing app
  • A video editing app (forgot the name but nothing fancy) – I am still game on the idea of building up my Youtube channel. My inspirations are those like haagrendal and jihyun. Both not showing their faces but producing interesting videos all the same. Shooting clips like haagrendal would nevertheless require more skills and experience which I will learn from time to time.
  • WordPress – for my blogging needs
  • Pinterest – it relaxes me to see pretty pictures of other peoples boards
  • One Note – this seems to be quite popular among tab users. I can see the appeal of creating these virtual notebooks with chapters in each of them. I like that the notes can be constructed with style and versatility. I can type or handwritten my notes. I can insert images or attach documents to my notes. The hashtag function seems great. I’m going to use this for brain dumping.

These apps should be enough for now. What’s more important is to make sure that the OUM learning portal is accessible. By the way, I am only going to use this tab with WIFI connection. Not with a sim card.

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