Semester 3 results

I checked the OUM portal for our results. in OUM, a huge proportion of the marks are weighed from our assignments or online quizzes. In fact, one of the subjects, the Community Service module has no paper exam and is fully dependent on our assignment work. Fair enough, much of the effort is channeled through these assignments as it demands critical thinking, lots of reading and focus, skills in acquiring information, sometimes a polish in our communication skills and presenting skills.

I hope to become better in reading and analyzing journals.

I hope to become better in writing an academic essay. I want to sound masculine (not really a man) when I put forth my ideas and arguments.

In short, I did quite well for the semester. I got an A for two subjects. Waiting for the formal results of one more subject. My essay has an overlap of between o.2 – 3% overlap with another student. Which makes me anxious if this coming semester would be horrible since I am doing good in this one. Classes will start next week and I’ve already put in the slots in both my Google calendar and my mini Hobominci. Another student is more enthusiastic as he has already introduced himself in the (empty) forum due to start next week.

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