Study Slump

The Study Slump came.

I am disappointed that it came too early this semester. Maybe because the days have been too bright and warm cause well I prefer the dark, cold weather. Perhaps it was the unexpected extension of the MCO period that I had to cancel my AGoda hotel booking during the CNY long weekend. Thankfully, my solar lanterns are coming by mail soon. I wish this Study Slump will end by this weekend. This heavy, dragging feeling is driving me nuts.

Workwise – I will be involved in the Vaccination team. There will be busy weeks ahead as we prepare and coordinate ‘stuff’ before the megascale vaccination programme starts.

Studywise – I have been unable to keep up with writing up my personal notes. This is my first semester with 4 subjects. I am beginning to see that it is a lack of judgement on my part when I decided to sign up for all 4. I was a bit frustrated earlier this week when I realized that I did not tick as much boxes that I wanted to in my planner. I became stressed up although to be honest, no one is actually checking to see if I’ve completed my chapters.

The perfectionist in me is nagging me to start on my E-weekly lessons and the procrastinator in me is basically yelling back a “shut up”. At the end of the day, I think I should Relax, Reorganize and Remove anything that is hindering my process to study and work diligently. On top of mothering the kids.

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