Time left to submit assignments



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Assignment Deadline

I have 3 assignments to be submitted on that day. I think I had thought that I wouldn’t be involved in the Covid-19 vaccination team for my clinic. Which explains my overzealous spirit to take up to 4 subjects this semester. Being part of the team, it means being on duty every single day. Which also means that if I ever have to take leave, I would feel really really guilty. Because there is only 2 of us running the show for our team. And this will be going on until next year. Therefore, I don’t think I should be that ambitious in choosing which subject to take for next semester. Ambil apa yang mampu sahaja.

A little update on my assignments.

For Cognitive Psychology (ABPK1203) I am choosing my mom as the subject to explain what Perception is all about. I am supposed to use the topics in the module to explain about her visual and auditory tasks. It is quite an interesting task actually (once you understand what it wants). It does take a while to kick it off.

The Child Psychology (ABPD1203) assignment on the hand requires a write up on Vygotsky’s Sociocultural Theory and an interview with a mother with regards to how she manages her kids emotions and discipline. I am planning to interview my sister.

I am leaving the 3rd subject towards the end as I figure out how to create a company out of thin air, make it sound authentic in a make believe work meeting. I am playing the role of a senior manager from the HR department making a presentation to the board members after a trial of Work From Home (WFH) period. It will be a play of creativity, which I enjoy, but due to time limitation I am not quite sure if I would be able to pull off what I have in mind.

Anyway, knowing myself – come what may, I will make it work at the end of the day. InsyaAllah.

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