Why I listen to E-tutorials even though I am 5 weeks late

I couldn’t access the video recordings of one of the subjects in my OUM course the other day, so I sent an enquiry to eCRM about it. Turns out it’s got to do with the tutor’s setting. The problem is now sorted and I have a few weeks of the e-tutorial to catch up. Even though my e-tutor has uploaded the slides into the forums, I feel it is still better for me to listen to what my tutor says in these videos for various reasons.

  • The understanding of the topic is better when you hear the tutors explain. Sometimes, the students would ask questions during these sessions and it kind of complements the module.
  • Tutors will emphasise on important topics. At times, they will highlight the popular questions that will come out in the exams.
  • Hints and tips are dropped off in tutorials. Like how best to approach the assignment. Where can we get reading materials or other resources etc.
  • A chance to connect with course mates. Yelah.. student kan kekadang ada group gossip.
  • It makes me feel better that I am not wasting my money for this semester.. LOL

What are your motivations for listening into the recorded lectures?

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