What happens after every semester

Between each semester, we have at least a few weeks break before the next cycle begins. I would usually grasp the opportunity to clean the house, trim my garden and organize my pantry. If the break coincides with a festive season, I would sort out my mini storage area while I rummage through the boxes for decorations. Otherwise, I would take the time to prepare for the next semester.

Safekeeping notes

I would transfer my subject folders from the laptop to my external disc. Each folder usually have the modules, assignment copies and journals I read. As of my written notes, apart from psychology, I would take it out from my files and keep them together at a designated shelf on my bookshelf. For my psychology notes, I’d just compile them in this big folder I have. Come to think of it, I need a new one next semester.

Touching up notes

Sometimes I get the motivation to read more when the semester is over. This time around, since I have just recently discovered One Note, I am making digital notes on the app so that I could read it on the go. My ongoing note project is to make a brief summary on the important psychology figures and their significant theories. Once that is done, I am going to revise on philosophy. I haven’t quite got a strong grip on the concept.

Making flash cards

Flash cards I guess, are kinda old school. I bought some cards from this favourite stationery shop on Shopee, Lootersbox. For now, there is an ongoing process of writing down important concepts and definitions in the Social Psychology topic. I really love this part of psychology. I think it helps me to understand how people any why people behave in a certain way as individuals and part of a group.

Clear the Recycle bins

That’s the only way I know how to make my laptop faster.

Of course that is not the only thing I did. I double checked to see if the subjects I registered for semester 5 have been paid for. At least RM200 at the start of the semester and then depending on how many subjects I was taking, the semester fee could be up to RM2K. For Semester 5, I am taking only 3 subjects considering the amount of stress I have lined up in a few months time. My transfer request went through and I am expected to report myself to my new workplace by next week. Therefore, there will be this transition period of making mistakes and adjusting myself to the new system and work culture. I hope I could get over that quickly and continue on my learning journey.

At the same time, the world is still battling with COVID-19 and the issues stringing along. InsyaAllah I am prepared for what may come although fear and panic is inevitable. I wish for a super understanding boss and that my support system (family) will remain strong forever.