MAPSA conference : Psychology of pandemics

I attended an online conference today via ZOOM. Kind of like my first #PsychologyCheckIn throughout this academic journey. I had a glimpse of how to present your research in a conference which was great. It gave me ideas on what kind of topics I could consider trying for my final year project. I am leaning strongly towards either social or educational psychology but of course, I haven’t actually learned everything yet.

I could at least start listing them down and finding a potential supervisor for my project.

The conference was hosted by UPSI. It started at 10am and ended at 4pm. The fee was Rm50 for participants. I enjoyed the lectures and the presentations of studies done by other students. It was interesting to see this aspect of science apart from the medicine that I have been ploughing through all this while. We even had a lunch break. My lunch was kindly prepared by my husband of course – grilled chicken with rice. Yummy.

All participants get an e-certificate at the end of the conference. I have yet to receive mine. I’m not quite sure if it could be included in my annual work performance evaluation though. Even if it couldn’t be included, I am still glad that I joined the conference for its knowledge.

I am looking forward to more #PsychologyCheckIn activities. Perhaps, a Covid19 friendly internship somewhere or an event that I could organize. InsyaAllah.

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