Current Study Update

At first everything seemed manageable despite the increasing workload. Things took a different turn once Covid19 started affecting my family members in Selangor. In short, my mother got worse. She didn’t make it. I wrote about the experience in my other blog. Al-fatihah to my mom.

I have been missing my live e -tutorial sessions but am catching up via the recorded ones. The forum have been very useful.
Previously, I have been aiming for a CGPA of 3.5 and above. However, with everything that is going on at the moment, I have to say that it will be enough if I pass.

Soon, one of our primary care clinics (KK) will be open for 24 hours and converted into a green zone area for emergency cases. The nearby hospital is no longer accepting them and will only manage the yellow and red tag cases only. Other KKs will also be affected as we expand our services at the expense of managing chronic illnesses. CAC kita. vaksin kita. sekolah kita. banjir kita. apa lagi.. tapi what to do.. berkhidmat untuk negara kan..

As of now, I have managed to complete my statistics assignment. I need to touch up on my Hubungan Etnik course work and then later, concentrate on the Health and Wellness module. Exams are in August. Thankfully MCQ. Bolehlah tembak.

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