OUMH 1403 OUMH 1503

oumh 1403 is ‘Chinese language for basic communication’

oumh 1503 is ‘Japanese language for basic communication’

Both courses are offered to OUM learners that we could choose to take by swapping them with another subject listed eligible for such exchange. I couldn’t remember which subject I swapped for oumh1403 but I submitted the request via e-CRM, their virtual help centre. I had thought that once I swapped, I could straight away take the course. Turns out, I was wrong. I have to wait until the registration for the subject is open. Hence, it is still sitting there as a 3 credit course in the Asas Wajib category.

The time will come one day to learn it.

CBCT2203 – the assignment

This subject is graded 100% from coursework and online quizzes. A former student once said during the orientation week that the quiz is a given mark. It is an open book test in which all you need to do is to be quick in searching for information. Indeed, just like that 10% is already in my hands which can be a deciding factor in whether I get an A or B.

The evaluation is divided into three parts. An essay, quiz and task-based assignment.

The essay wanted learners to identify two software or apps we frequently use in our everyday lives. The essay also wanted us to elaborate on how to use it in business based on our experiences. This was something we felt a bit tricky. I mean, what if our daily activities using this app do not include any business transactions. This matter was clarified with the e-tutor and after his own clarification with the head module – the word business is deemed to mean “urusan”. If it makes any sense. Not exclusively to activities involving money exchange.

I chose WhatsApp and Google chrome as my app of choice. My understanding of the subject is reflected in the essay and examples. I just wish that the e-grader would be able to grasp my points as I can be quite scatter-brained when it comes to academic writing.

Prep for MCQ

This semester I have two subjects using MCQ as part of its final assessments. Apart from having a go at its self-test quizzes on the OUM platform – I realized that we could also search for sample questions online. That was what I did for my Statistics in Psychology subject in Semester 5 and I was so amazed that some of the questions coming from these online sources appeared in our final test. At least 3 -4 questions bears resemblance to the format I came across online.

This Time…

I searched abnormal psychology and there were a few samples available with about 10-15 questions. There were more on this particular website. Although non of the questions appeared in the final exam, at least it gives me an inkling on which part of the subject I need to focus on.


Searching sample MCQ for the Professional Ethics paper is more tricky. The link below had a few questions I could try.


Either way, it is best to go through the questions in the e-weekly lessons and also the sample MCQ on the portal. The exam has ended. Technically, my semester has ended. I can start prepping for the next sem in 2 weeks time. As of now, I plan to read my storybooks. The TBR list is getting so long now.

Abnormal Psychology online textbook

My assignment for this subject required learners to discuss abnormal psychology based on three different textbooks. This is the list given by my e-tutor on the forum.




Even without Google, learners could actually access textbooks in e-book format using the digital library link in the portal. Using proper keywords, learners could find thousands of journals, articles, media and like I said, ebooks from the library. The digital library even has a feature that allows you to store your search results online, which I will put in another post.