Opppss.. not much update for this semester

I was determined to share everything that I could regarding my studies, challenges, interesting topics and all in this semester. I underestimated how busy it is at the beginning of the year as the clinic is in full gear to outline goals to achieve by the end of the year. Although my assignment was completed promptly, there were still hiccoughs during the uploading of our assignments in the portal.

I had to resubmit my English assignment because when I double-checked my submission receipt. Turns out that only 1 out of 3 files are uploaded. Dahlah my marks for this semester is dependent on coursework only. Thankfully I had the urge to re-check my submission! If not, I would only be evaluated based on my reflection report and not my forum and video.

Lesson here – always check the submission receipt to see what files are uploaded. Don’t take for granted that when it says successful, semua dah upload.

Online participation 10%

This is new for this semester.

Previously, participating in the forum doesn’t account for any extra marks (ye ke?) The idea is to answer a particular question posed in the forum with at least 5 meaningful posts from a student. Some subjects have only one question whereas others may have at least two or three questions.

I did not check how many students they are in a group but it sure is a competition to see who comes up with intriguing and high-quality posts. Perhaps there is a way to navigate the forum effectively because I find that, if say, I want to respond to only a certain question, my posts would appear at the bottom, instead of underneath the intended post. So, the only way someone else wants to check which post I am responding to would be to click on the ‘the original post’ button.

I mean, don’t forums have like linking branches underneath one another. This is why I am wondering if the problem is me. Ha ha ha.