Online participation 10%

This is new for this semester.

Previously, participating in the forum doesn’t account for any extra marks (ye ke?) The idea is to answer a particular question posed in the forum with at least 5 meaningful posts from a student. Some subjects have only one question whereas others may have at least two or three questions.

I did not check how many students they are in a group but it sure is a competition to see who comes up with intriguing and high-quality posts. Perhaps there is a way to navigate the forum effectively because I find that, if say, I want to respond to only a certain question, my posts would appear at the bottom, instead of underneath the intended post. So, the only way someone else wants to check which post I am responding to would be to click on the ‘the original post’ button.

I mean, don’t forums have like linking branches underneath one another. This is why I am wondering if the problem is me. Ha ha ha.