Minding my tasks

Instagram recommended the Invisible Cameraman account to me a few days ago. I guess I am not the only one intrigued by the current social media phenomenon. Where people make questionable content of whether it is true or fake.

I have just completed listening to the e-tutorial recording for my Cross-Cultural psychology class. I really love this subject. So much so that I bought a textbook for further reading. We have just delved into the 1st topic and I thought the idea of Individualism and Collectivism would be a good point to include in my Industrial Training report.

I have several deadlines to keep this quarter of the year. Apart from assignments, there are also other work-related mini projects that I have to complete like Diabetes Day and HIV Awareness Week. It seems that there is always something to do every month. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, so much so that I tend to forget to live in the moment.

Mindfulness, that’s the key.