About NotaMinci

Salam… NotaMinci is loosely translated as

.. ‘Minci’s Notes’. In the blogosphere, I am Minci. Currently, a part time learner at OUM Melaka studying Psychology. I have just enrolled into the programme in January 2020. Little did I know that COVID19 will barge in and affect the momentum of my studies. But the journey must go on.

Daytime Job

I am a practicing Medical Doctor in a government health facility. 2020 will be my 12th year in service

Hopes for NotaMinci

I am hoping to connect with anyone who have tips on how to excel in Psychology and perhaps a career advice from the more experienced people around me. It could be you 🙂

Family Life

Married to also an MD but my husband is practising in Public Health. I have 2 lovely children. I write about my daily life in my lifestyle blog

Social Media

I am also on Instagram. My IG handle is notaminci

I welcome engagements via email

Let’s make something together.