Online participation 10%

This is new for this semester.

Previously, participating in the forum doesn’t account for any extra marks (ye ke?) The idea is to answer a particular question posed in the forum with at least 5 meaningful posts from a student. Some subjects have only one question whereas others may have at least two or three questions.

I did not check how many students they are in a group but it sure is a competition to see who comes up with intriguing and high-quality posts. Perhaps there is a way to navigate the forum effectively because I find that, if say, I want to respond to only a certain question, my posts would appear at the bottom, instead of underneath the intended post. So, the only way someone else wants to check which post I am responding to would be to click on the ‘the original post’ button.

I mean, don’t forums have like linking branches underneath one another. This is why I am wondering if the problem is me. Ha ha ha.

Shop around for the right partner

Every time I feel disappointed in my other half for the little annoyances that happen in our daily lives – like not washing the dishes, making horrible jokes, not throwing out the trash etc.. I remind myself of this clip.

Cause my partner does not clip my wings.

He let me study on top of keeping a full-time job. He knows that the house will not be clean 24/7, I will not be able to cook our meals daily, the kids will need attention while I attend my classes, I will be ‘difficult’ sometimes.

OUM student privileges

I am currently studying at Open University Malaysia doing BPSY.

BPSY – Bachelor of Psychology (with honours) will be my second degree and if Allah permits, I hope to further my studies in the same field. Being a student for the second time, a more mature student, I began to discover the many advantages one could have as a learner. It is not only about the student discounts while you travel – I utilized a lot of ISIC previously.. haha. But other perks. One such thing is access to journals and other academic literature.

Google Scholar can only get you into the world of literature at the window just to peek, at some journals. Perhaps only the abstract. It is the uni’s digital library that will unlock the door for you and let you sit in and read as many articles as you want. After all, OUM has probably paid a substantial amount of money to these databases so that students can access the literature. Indeed, I am beginning to love using the TSDAS digital library once I discovered the many things it can do. Which I will elaborate on as I go in the coming semester.

I can register on Proquest using my institution access and last semester I learned that some students and tutors use Mendeley. This is something new for me and only of recent have I heard about it from some of the Facebook Academia Figures I follow.

I have heard that I could also use my uni ID to get Spotify premium with a student price tag but I don’t really have the need for it yet. I am still okay with the adverts although Dell has been on the scene for quite some time now. Need a new advert. 🙂

Buying used OUM modules

I enrolled in my course in January 2020. At the time, most learning methods have shifted online. Learners are no longer required to buy a hard copy of the module. Instead, we can download our module from the online portal. In a way, the fees can be lowered down and it saves the environment too (to a certain extent). Even then, I still find myself with the need to print out parts of the module because of my tendency to highlight what I read and scribble anecdotes near the paragraph.

One of the subjects I have in Semester 6 is Basic Concepts of Information Technology. This particular subject has a lot of images which leads to me being uncertain on whether I should print it out or otherwise. After mulling over the issue, I decided to find a used copy of the module.

First I searched in groups on Facebook. No one was selling the module I wanted. I then tried Shopee and voila – I found a seller that sells it alongside another subject I will be taking next semester. He was selling it for RM15 per module. I bought two. The books arrived in good condition with a CD as well. I find it easier to study with a physical book.

The module is still in good condition. Perhaps I’ll sell it later on my Shopee store – Moon Chamber.

OUMH 1403 OUMH 1503

oumh 1403 is ‘Chinese language for basic communication’

oumh 1503 is ‘Japanese language for basic communication’

Both courses are offered to OUM learners that we could choose to take by swapping them with another subject listed eligible for such exchange. I couldn’t remember which subject I swapped for oumh1403 but I submitted the request via e-CRM, their virtual help centre. I had thought that once I swapped, I could straight away take the course. Turns out, I was wrong. I have to wait until the registration for the subject is open. Hence, it is still sitting there as a 3 credit course in the Asas Wajib category.

The time will come one day to learn it.