The bored panda article on ‘cry for help’

First, let’s put this on as BGM.

I stumbled upon an article on Bored Panda

27 People Share ‘Cry For Help’ Signs That Aren’t So Obvious


Point no 3, 6, 7, 13, 17 seems so close to heart. I have been doing some of these things unconsciously. I should have known better. I wouldn’t say that I am depressed. Low on mood ? Yes, for quite some time. But picking up good vibes to fill up the emotional tank. I have many more semesters to go before I finally graduate.

ODL and virtual study buddies

Open and Distance Learning (ODL) is an excellent choice for part time learners like myself. However, I do miss the identifying behaviours of a student in a tertiary learning centre.

  • listening to lectures in halls or classrooms
  • being in the library – either at a desk or just browsing through the books on the shelf
  • walking through the entrance of uni
  • sitting at the concourse or whichever common area to discuss something
  • spending time in the computer lab

It can be quite lonely ploughing through the course as an individual. Being a social animal, there are efforts to kind of connect with other learners through the uni forum or telegram group. The interaction was jovial in the beginning but it is quite hard to keep up the momentum of having an online communication. Especially when you are swamped with your other responsibilities towards work or family. Sooner or later, the telegram group just becomes quiet.

I recently discovered that there is an online website that connects learners around the world to study together. It is the brainchild of Ali Abdal. It is a virtual room where you connect to the internet, switch on your individual camera and just study. With other students who are doing the same thing.


There is this other thing that ARMY’s are doing. (I am a baby ARMY).

You go on Youtube and just study with BTS sat in front of you while on their camera. Of course, the video is an edit- the boys are well.. not really studying. Instead, they’d be doing whatever it is that they were doing during their LIVE videos.

My favourite is of course anything that have SUGA in it… I am very obsessed with the song Seesaw at the moment. I have it on repeat on my Spotify.

As of now, I am going through my e-weekly lessons and will be penning down the outline of my assignment essays soon. Will try to get it done by this weekend.

Final assignment submitted ABCC1103

I am exhausted. Stressed. Fat. Lonely.

HA HA HA HA. All this Korean OST’s on my Spotify list is making me sappy but ironically beautiful inside. – __ – Korean songs give you that pretty lead actress effect. I cannot help feeling very dreamy while listening to these songs although I haven’t seen most of the drama on the OST list. I cannot wait for my exams to be over so that I could binge on Vincenzo Cassano. Grrrrr..

Phase 2 of Malaysia’s vaccination programme is starting soon. I am so glad that I applied for a day off this Friday. I needed that rest before I am reassigned to various working locations in the many months to come. An altercation happened at the workplace between ‘two elephants’. Me and my friends are trying very hard not to be the deer caught in between. Anyway, I am so glad that ABCC1103 is over.

ABCC 1103 – Introduction to communication

I actually overlooked that my assignment had 2 parts to complete. The essay and the 5 minute video presentation. As always, the expression is ‘nak tergugok jantung/ mok pisan nyawa’ when I realized my mistake. I was already struggling with the essay. This assignment reminded me of the horrible semester I went through in Sem 2 – that feeling when I thought I did well only to discover that I got a B minus for my essay. Adehhh.. and I had thought I could get at least a B+. Or an A minus. Tapi tkpe.. yg tuh dah lepas.

So, for my video I decided to do mine like some sort of Live interview with an influential figure during primetime news. That influential figure being me of course. I downloaded free video templates of the news studio from Youtube and then I got stuck. Ha ha ha. I did not know how to put myself inside the template. After intense googling – I learned that I needed to record myself with a green screen. I was tempted to buy a 4M green cloth from Kamdar or Gulati’s but thought wiser. Celah mana nak pegi tu.. nak ambik bebudak sekolah lagi.

On further research, I discovered that we could use a blue screen or even of other colours as long as it doesn’t match your face and the clothes you wear. It seems that I could use red although my complexion would look a bit odd due to the underlying red colour tone everybody has (I think?). Still, I gave it a shot. Although my husband thought I was weird. ha ha.

I recorded myself in front of the red curtains I have in my living room.

I tried using the green curtains I have at my workplace but I guess the green wasn’t bright enough, so it didn’t work.

Using the free version of Kinemaster, I was able to use the Chroma key button and make that red screen invisible so that I could appear in the video template as a news anchor. The rest was just the layer editing I have come to be more well versed now as compared to before. Studying in OUM has definitely sharpened my skills in using digital technology to complete my assignments.

It is not perfect and I have no idea what the outcome will be. Either way, as the saying goes..

There is no day in which you learn something is a complete loss

Printing my module and listening to Ali Abdaal

It is a race against time. To not only keep up with my notes , e-tutorials and e-lessons but also my assignments. So, I decided to just print out (part of ) my module so I could read it at work in between my patients using my highlighter and make scribbles on it. I figured once I get the note part out of the way, I could afterwards concentrate on binge listening to my e tutorials during my commute to work and return from it.

I was watching Youtube over the weekend and stumbled upon one of Ali Abdaal’s videos. The last time I watched his video was when he was a medical student. I am not sure if he is still a medical doctor but he seems to be doing really well as this Youtube Guru and all. He is probably a millionaire.

Anyway, I noted that there were a few videos of him talking about the evidence-based study methods. I was blown away. Like wow, I couldn’t even find the time to read and critic a journal for my assignments, what more exploring on this subject in a very scientific manner. I mean, I wouldn’t accept nothing less coming from this genius either. I have only managed to sit in his mini lecture on Spaced Repetition and Active Recall because I spent the rest of my available hours doing house chores and handling the kids. Nevertheless, I will surely subscribe and watch/listen his other videos in my car. I love that his videos has an outline of what he wants to talk about and damn, this guy talks very fast. His handwriting must be epic!

Image result for show your work

Even now I am reading a book that he recommended which is called Show Your Work by Austin Kleon. I had a 2 pound credit in my e-wallet and so I managed to buy it at less than a fiver on Google Play. It is a wonderful book so far, I think I can finish it by the end of this week. Will put this in my highlight on my IG story. I have an IG account designated for my studies at hobominci. My virtual shopping cart at Kinokuniya is also piling up with books. I am just hoarding them in my cart until I get to a time when I feel motivated enough to click Checkout. Maybe by the end of this semester.

OUM Emerald Quiz

Came across this on the library’s FB page.

Since this is an academic sorta quiz, I allocated some time earlier this morning to have a look. I don’t think answering the quiz would be in 5 mins especially when Emerald wanted to introduce their database. I am sure it would involve some searching and reading.

So at 5AM I prepared my Essenso coffee and a banana. I am already up at this hour most days lately since I have gotten used to it in Ramadhan. Occasionally, I would wake up at 6AM.

And yes, it did took me about an hour to finish it. I obtained an 8/10 score. There is no limit in participation. So, InsyaAllah I will try again later. I still hutang a few topics to read this weekend across my 3 subjects.