26th MCPM 2022

I attended the pre-conference workshop. I think I would make a note to try and attend their conference next year. I couldn’t commit to the full conference because I’ve already got this week swamped with holiday plans balik kampung.

I was particularly excited to attend this because I really wanted to hear Dr Alizi Alias speak LIVE. I have heard him on talks online but I really wanted to know if it is better with a live audience. Indeed, he was! He was very knowledgeable yet humorous. Not one of those very stiff academics we see most of the time. He is known to be well versed in Islamic studies but hey hey hey he speaks MOVIES too!! Not just any movie but the famous ones like Harry Potter and LOTR. He even knows the cockney accent! If he was many years younger, we could actually be friends!!!

I recorded all the speaker’s topics but once we get the slides, I think I want to edit it to become a video so that I could listen to this talk over and over again. It was enlightening and very entertaining as well!

I am a fan!

MAPSA conference : Psychology of pandemics

I attended an online conference today via ZOOM. Kind of like my first #PsychologyCheckIn throughout this academic journey. I had a glimpse of how to present your research in a conference which was great. It gave me ideas on what kind of topics I could consider trying for my final year project. I am leaning strongly towards either social or educational psychology but of course, I haven’t actually learned everything yet.

I could at least start listing them down and finding a potential supervisor for my project.

The conference was hosted by UPSI. It started at 10am and ended at 4pm. The fee was Rm50 for participants. I enjoyed the lectures and the presentations of studies done by other students. It was interesting to see this aspect of science apart from the medicine that I have been ploughing through all this while. We even had a lunch break. My lunch was kindly prepared by my husband of course – grilled chicken with rice. Yummy.

All participants get an e-certificate at the end of the conference. I have yet to receive mine. I’m not quite sure if it could be included in my annual work performance evaluation though. Even if it couldn’t be included, I am still glad that I joined the conference for its knowledge.

I am looking forward to more #PsychologyCheckIn activities. Perhaps, a Covid19 friendly internship somewhere or an event that I could organize. InsyaAllah.

A new study gadget

Mr Husband gave me a Samsung Tab A 8″ (2019) as a gift for our 10th wedding anniversary last week. I thought it was perfect. In fact, I had an eye for the item for quite some time before this. I was watching a few reviews on the Samsung S6 lite on Youtube and had no idea that this budget tab existed. Mine comes with a 32GB memory which I am told, can be upgraded later. Using a memory card?

Currently, I am arming it with apps that would enhance my studies and ahem my social media presence. I have already envisioned a few things I could do on my tab. I could read my pdf modules better on it. I can make blog drafts or notes on the go. I can read e-books on it before going to bed at night. I can also edit videos or photos on it in the comfort of my bed that is easy to my eyes.

Photo by Kaboompics .com on Pexels.com

Some of the apps I downloaded on my tab are;

  • Docquity & MIMS Malaysia – this is important for my continuous medical education. I am aiming to complete at least 2 online CMEs per week on both platforms. I am still a medical doc first and a psychology student after.
  • Canon Connect – I can transfer my photos or videos here instead of to my phone. Perhaps I can edit it better on my video editing app
  • A video editing app (forgot the name but nothing fancy) – I am still game on the idea of building up my Youtube channel. My inspirations are those like haagrendal and jihyun. Both not showing their faces but producing interesting videos all the same. Shooting clips like haagrendal would nevertheless require more skills and experience which I will learn from time to time.
  • WordPress – for my blogging needs
  • Pinterest – it relaxes me to see pretty pictures of other peoples boards
  • One Note – this seems to be quite popular among tab users. I can see the appeal of creating these virtual notebooks with chapters in each of them. I like that the notes can be constructed with style and versatility. I can type or handwritten my notes. I can insert images or attach documents to my notes. The hashtag function seems great. I’m going to use this for brain dumping.

These apps should be enough for now. What’s more important is to make sure that the OUM learning portal is accessible. By the way, I am only going to use this tab with WIFI connection. Not with a sim card.

Kokuyo Campus Planner – a short review

I was attracted to buy the Kokuyo Campus Planner Weekly Layout because I wanted to emulate those K-studygrams where they record how much time they put in into their lessons and assignments. It was thrilling to use at first but later I discovered that it doesn’t fit my study pattern.

I am a part time student. I work from 8 – 5 from Monday to Friday. Although I try to study within the designated hours at night and during weekends, I do find that a bulk of my independent study periods are done during opportunistic minutes and hours of the day. This means in between patients on a less busy day, lunch hours, before clinic starts, in the car (rarely) etc. Hence, it does look a little blank, perhaps too sporadic if I highlight the mins/hours in the tracker slots.

I ended up using the Kokuyo Weekly Campus Planner for only 7 weeks. I am thinking of repurposing it to plan my children’s homeschooling syllabus. Have yet to find one.

Never the less, the paper quality and layout is good – just that it doesn’t fit into my study lifestyle (gitteww). Perhaps full time students can benefit more from it including students who don’t have other study planners at hand. On second thought, maybe it is because I was already fully utilizing my hobonichi megaweeks resulting in this Kokuyo planner being redundant.

Hobonichi Techo for 2021

If you’re a visual person, you can watch the brief unboxing video on my IGTV @hobominci. Otherwise, you can read about my purchase choice below.

This is my 4th year using Hobonichi. I have used the A6 English planner, A5 Cousin Avec and the MegaWeeks. Out of the 3, I personally love the MegaWeeks because you have just enough space to write down your To-do’s and still have room for a bit of creative journaling. It seems befitting for my busy schedule. Furthermore, it is small enough for me to carry it with me everywhere.


What I wasn’t expecting for the Year 2020 was the fact that I enrolled in a part time degree programme of which I found that using the MegaWeeks was not suitable. I needed something that I could journal in my most intimate feelings, thoughts and activities whilst at the same time being able to plan my day and tick things off a checklist.

I ended up buying a 5 year Hobonichi Techo and a mini weekly planner, said to be the companion to the A6 planner. If only I could have the Cousin Avec Monthly and Weekly layout but without the daily pages. Is there such a planner?? That would be useful I think for students. Or I could use the Kokuyo loose leafs instead. Surely they have a monthly and weekly template?

I am extremely excited to see if I could be consistent in my 5 year Hobonichi entry. It will probably be filled with the most mundane things in life although when you reminisce on these moments, they are quite interesting actually. It is so common yet so special. Cause regardless of what one thinks, that one moment never repeats itself the exact way it happens for the first time.