Uncle Muthu – the subject for my assignment

For Hubungan Etnik, we need to submit an assignment written in Bahasa Melayu. The task evolved around the Upin Ipin animation and how it can play a role in achieving unity. We need to provide examples of how these characters made it possible and the one thing that crossed my mind was, “Do I need to watch all the episodes?”

Judging from the conversation in forums, it seems like we could write a fairly good essay based on the superficial knowledge we have about the animation. Surely, the cliches of ‘amalan-amalan murni’ like helping the elderly, teamwork etc would be what the characters will be doing. However, to produce an outstanding essay, I think it would take an extra mile to show the examiners that we know what we are talking about. I decided to go an extra mile.

Watch Upin&Ipin | Netflix

I chose Uncle Muthu as my ikon of unity for my essay. I felt that Jarjit would be a very popular choice. Who could not resist mentioning him and his pantun, right? Uncle Muthu seemed like a favourable character and worth exploring more as I started the draft of my essay. I knew him as an Indian man who sells local delicacies at his stall in the village but surely there is more to him than that.

His biodata on the web did not elaborate much except for the fact that he has a son called Raju. I asked my son if he knew anything extra about Uncle Muthu but he only knows that he sells ABC. And so began my marathon of Upin Ipin on Youtube. It was an incredible research portal as there were tonnes of side information about Muthu. His most prominent episode was Cahaya Deepavali.


The question asked about the impact of Uncle Muthu towards kesepaduan sosial. I outlined my answers as below;

  • menyediakan ruang sosial untuk penduduk setempat berintegrasi
  • berasimilasi dengan budaya dan masyarakat setempat
  • berbudi bahasa dan prihatin dalam komunikasi harian
  • mendidik ahli komuniti secara tak langsung mengenai keunikan kebudayaan etnik beliau

Of course, each point was elaborated by extracting examples from relevant episodes. I am so grateful for Youtube. It was easier to watch it there than having to go on Netflix.

Ethnic studies

Malaysia is a Nation Without State. Negara Tanpa Bangsa. We are not like Indonesia yet where its citizens are identified as bangsa Indonesia. A person may be from a Chinese ethnicity but his name is probably Ari Wastroyo something. She may be a non muslim by the name of Siti Murni. In Malaysia, we are still identified by our race and religion. It’s not really a bad thing to be honest, in fact, multiculturalism is worth celebrating.

In this semester, ethnic studies or Hubungan Etnik is a mandatory subject. Browsing the topics, it looks a bit like history class. I am intrigued to see how the tutor is going to bring forth this subject in a neutral manner. This is because the last thing I want is for us learners to feel like we are being brainwashed in a camp. We’ve only had 2 classes so far and it seems OK. Of course, the topic will get more difficult and challenging as time goes by as we navigate around the sensitive issues of social contracts and such.

The Assignment

The question is about kesepaduan sosial dalam mewujudkan kestabilan dalam konteks Malaysia where we base our essay on the local animation, Upin Ipin. The essay is to be written in Bahasa Melayu. The assignment itself carries 70% of the total marks. That is a lot of weightage. Screw this up, it brings down the whole grade.

That was what happened with my Cognitive Psychology subject last semester. (sob)

The deadline for this assignment is next month. Time is running out. I need to start soon.

Final assignment submitted ABCC1103

I am exhausted. Stressed. Fat. Lonely.

HA HA HA HA. All this Korean OST’s on my Spotify list is making me sappy but ironically beautiful inside. – __ – Korean songs give you that pretty lead actress effect. I cannot help feeling very dreamy while listening to these songs although I haven’t seen most of the drama on the OST list. I cannot wait for my exams to be over so that I could binge on Vincenzo Cassano. Grrrrr..

Phase 2 of Malaysia’s vaccination programme is starting soon. I am so glad that I applied for a day off this Friday. I needed that rest before I am reassigned to various working locations in the many months to come. An altercation happened at the workplace between ‘two elephants’. Me and my friends are trying very hard not to be the deer caught in between. Anyway, I am so glad that ABCC1103 is over.

ABCC 1103 – Introduction to communication

I actually overlooked that my assignment had 2 parts to complete. The essay and the 5 minute video presentation. As always, the expression is ‘nak tergugok jantung/ mok pisan nyawa’ when I realized my mistake. I was already struggling with the essay. This assignment reminded me of the horrible semester I went through in Sem 2 – that feeling when I thought I did well only to discover that I got a B minus for my essay. Adehhh.. and I had thought I could get at least a B+. Or an A minus. Tapi tkpe.. yg tuh dah lepas.

So, for my video I decided to do mine like some sort of Live interview with an influential figure during primetime news. That influential figure being me of course. I downloaded free video templates of the news studio from Youtube and then I got stuck. Ha ha ha. I did not know how to put myself inside the template. After intense googling – I learned that I needed to record myself with a green screen. I was tempted to buy a 4M green cloth from Kamdar or Gulati’s but thought wiser. Celah mana nak pegi tu.. nak ambik bebudak sekolah lagi.

On further research, I discovered that we could use a blue screen or even of other colours as long as it doesn’t match your face and the clothes you wear. It seems that I could use red although my complexion would look a bit odd due to the underlying red colour tone everybody has (I think?). Still, I gave it a shot. Although my husband thought I was weird. ha ha.

I recorded myself in front of the red curtains I have in my living room.

I tried using the green curtains I have at my workplace but I guess the green wasn’t bright enough, so it didn’t work.

Using the free version of Kinemaster, I was able to use the Chroma key button and make that red screen invisible so that I could appear in the video template as a news anchor. The rest was just the layer editing I have come to be more well versed now as compared to before. Studying in OUM has definitely sharpened my skills in using digital technology to complete my assignments.

It is not perfect and I have no idea what the outcome will be. Either way, as the saying goes..

There is no day in which you learn something is a complete loss

Behind the scenes of OUMH 2203

The office chair

The instant desk

The mandatory academic-like bookshelf

I really had fun doing this assignment. Tapi tuhlah.. I still wonder if I am able to fulfill the examiners requirements. Currently, I am focusing on my ABCC1103 subject (Introduction to Communication) – I missed out the part where we had to make a video to illustrate our essay points. Thankfully, it is only 5 minutes. I will think of something.

The Gist of 3 assignments

3 down, 1 to go.

I managed to submit all 3 after Maghrib yesterday. Now I can focus on the 4th assignment and catch up the tutorials and e-lessons for all of the subjects. My examinations are in April from 16th to the 20th. I hope not many people are on leave so that I could sit for the online exam with a peace of mind.

OUMH2203 : English for Workplace Communication

We were required to do a video presentation – playing the role as the senior manager from the HR department presenting a report on flexi hour. Then, we have to write a reflective essay on the process of making the video.

My imaginary company is Digitalis Media with 30 employees in total. I did my research mostly by asking friends, my brother and googling using search terms like Flexible Working Arrangements (FWA) rather than flexi hour. I put my information together using WPS Powerpoint and layered it with my video recording in the Kinemaster app. The final output was OK considering I used the free version.

ABPD1203 : Child Psychology

Task was to write about Vygotsky’ Sociocultural Theory – elaborate, critic and give own opinion

I used OUM’s Digital Library to search for literature and ebooks that could be useful. I was previously using Google Scholar but I find that the resources are better using TSDAS library. After all, the institution did pay to get access to these journals. So, use them. Download them as needed. Some students were lamenting about the page restrictions of some e-books. Personally, I think the restrictions to download are reasonable. They are in place to protect the copyrights of the book. Bukannya kau dapat baca satu teks book tu dalam sehari pun..

There were a few pages on Vygotsky in the educational psychology textbook I bought which was enough to get started. Either way, using journals was better. In the opinion section, I put forth a concern made by our former education minister, Dr Maszlee about limitations to child development due to socio-cultural weaknesses.

ABPK 1203 : Cognitive Psychology

Write about perception. Explain with two visual tasks and two audio tasks.

This has got to be the most confusing tasks of all. I think my tutor , Mr Manimaran has tried his best to guide but I still find myself perplexed with the requirements of the essay. I worry if my explanation would be too lengthy. Indeed, I had a miscount with my words and I ended up having to edit them so they wouldn’t go beyond 3000 words. This particular assignment gave me the worst headache. The tasks I chose for my assignment was tailored for my mother, who is also a grandmother.

That meant for visual task : grocery shopping and watching netflix. Auditory task is listening to her grandson cry and talking over the telephone.

Anyway, it’s all done. I am not going to read the assignment topics in the forum. It will get me anxious.