Planning my study time

I envy how some StudyGrammers outline their study progress. Not to mention the aesthetics of doing it all in a very organized manner. I am still intrigued as to why Korean students especially, use timers during study hours. Perhaps it is to log their time or something on a spreadsheet? Or more for personal satisfaction? Enlighten me. I really want to know.

I am still quite manual when it comes to making a timetable. I feel that I achieve more when I cross out the list with my colourful pens. This is basically how mine look like for this 1st semester in February. Perhaps next month or next semester’s timetable would be more pleasing to the eyes.


My 3 subjects for this semester are;

  1. ABPG1103 – Introduction to Psychology
  2. MPU3323 – Tamadun Islam & Tamadun Asia
  3. OUMH1603 – Learning Skills for 21st Century

For psychology, part of my assessment is Task-Based and via online MCQ. I have a handbook to guide me with supplementary Face To Face tutorial and an E Tutor on the portal. If I read enough and keep up with my tasks, I would be able to get at least a pass.

Tamadun Islam is a mandatory module for every student. For this subject, I have an assignment to complete and handed in. So far, I don’t have online quizzes to complete. Will blog about that once I’ve completed it. InsyaAllah. 

Learning Skills sounds basic BUT when you organize a branch of knowledge in a systematic manner – you later find out that there is so much more to know. IT is not just IT. There is a process to it. I feel very humbled about the vastity of this subject. For this module, I also have an assignment to complete on top of online MCQs to answer.

Officially an OUM Part Time Student

My IB Diploma was accepted for entrance into the programme. I am now a part time degree student in Psychology (with honours) Alhamdulilah..


Last weekend I attended the orientation mini camp held at the campus. I arrived 10 mins early and the hall was already full. The enthusiasm is lain macam. I had to sit the final row at the back. Wow.


One of the speakers (an ex student) made us feel less stressed when he reassured us that if we keep up with the tasks – InsyaAllah we will pass the course. This made me feel better because I enrolled in this course to immerse myself in an environment where it is OK if I do not anything and enjoy learning the knowledge as it is. In other words, I just want to know about something in a systematic manner. So I could keep it in a folder somewhere in my brain.

To ace the course is a different story though.

OUM is very online, I am still struggling to explore the learning portal. I still cannot find my timetable. One thing that I manage to take away from this experience is the importance of support. Apart from adequate financial support, a part time student must also have a good social support system. I may not have it all (yet) but we should be heading there soon.

  • Financial support  – Some students apply for a study loan. Others .. PAMA (parents). I used the funds that I initially collected for my DFM studies. I had wanted to do Family Medicine in the first place but the motivation withered with time. I feel that despite wanting to do a tremendous job, I do not want the responsibility as a specialist. So I am content to upgrade my clinical knowledge and skills accordingly but I am preparing myself to take on a different persona in the future. Maybe embracing the Dr title in the role of a psychologist (phd) some where? LOL. Anyway, the fees offered by OUM was reasonable and less hefty to my current financial commitment which was a strong point for me to take on psychology.
  • Family support – my husband was supportive despite his busy schedule. I think its because my weekend tutorials are only about 3 – 4 sessions every semester. But boy, the hours are long. Like today, my classes were from 0830 – 1430 with 2 hours duration each class and 15 mins break in between. My bladder was amazing today as I needed to only go for the toilet once.
  • Friends support – I have yet to tell my work colleagues but I have told my close friends. My close friends need to know first to give me that vote of confidence to keep going. lol. My colleagues will know later.
  • Employer support – This part got me a little confused. Apparently at my clinic we are not given the priviledge for unrecorded study/exam leave. I have seen some other HCW at other premises being granted that priviledge though. Which makes me wonder whether my boss is correct, is ignorant of the perks of studying part time or simply withholding the information from me and my colleague. If it was the latter, then I pray that she will be rewarded accordingly.