Losing instinctive ability in modern times

If you’ve ever been in love, there must be a time when you felt that the world evolves around the both of you. You would somehow want to call each other up at the same time, eating the same food, thinking of the same thing. The relationship between you and your other half somehow becomes exclusive. You somehow can detect the feelings of your loved one. There’s a significant connection. It’s like you’re psychic.

In the famous scene in Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham where the mother suddenly paced towards the outside of her home. She can somehow sense that her eldest son is coming home.

Carl Jung’s theory of synchronicity seems to be able to explain this somewhat paranormal circumstances. Without sounding superstitious. It’s like humans are in sync with each other. In social media, algorithm explain why things that interest us keep popping up on our feed. In human beings? Is there some sort of electromagnetic wave that connects us all subconsciously? Perhaps Prof Xavier’s superpowers are real after all.