OUMH1403 – The registration

It was a choice between learning Chinese and Japanese by substituting one of my subjects. I swapped SBFS1103 : thinking skills and problem solving with OUMH1403. I figured it would be more interesting to learn a new language. It was a bit confusing for me at first to sign up for this subject. I had thought that when we dropped a subject, we would be automatically enrolled in it. Or it would be offered as one sometime during the semester.

This is why I waited and waited for the subject to appear as an offer. But it never happened.

Time is running out though. I used the UKR06 form to add the Chinese language as a subject. It worked this time. I will be learning Chinese for semester 8!

Assignment status – not submitted

Kussemangat.. sakit jiwa aku.

I was submitting my Introduction to Communication assignment when I saw that for my other 2 assignments, there was a statement saying that I haven’t sent in my essays for both. Immediately, I break into cold sweats. Late submissions are subjected to penalties and that is the last thing I want for both subjects. Penat weeyyy.. pulun the essay.

I wasted no time in writing to eCRM. The people behind the emails and enquiries are the best. They could solve almost every problem you encounter as a student at Open University Malaysia. Thankfully, they double-checked my submission and noted that it was delivered on time just before the deadline.

Moral of the story – jangan panik. Problem can be solved.