Exam week

It’s exam week in a pandemic. Thankfully, the exam format is MCQ. I could just eeny-meeny-minie-mo if I don’t know the answers. I am also thankful that I am not on weekend duty at the Covid Assessment Centre (CAC). I could do some revisions, sample questions and tips from the forum. I tried to read my modules in the car in between my patients as I go on my mobile vaccine outreach activity. However it is quite difficult to focus.

Thus, I am relying heavily on my assignment scores. For HUbungan Etnik it amounts up to 70% of the total marks. MCQ makes up for the rest of the 30%. Is it wishful thinking to hope for an A (moon) and if I don’t, I land in the stars (B)?

14.08.2021 – Hubungan etnik

15.08.2021 – Health and Wellness

18.08.2021 – Statistics for Psychology

Examination Timetable

This semester my exam dates are on the 13th and 17th of December. The time being 10am-10pm. Another take home examination format but thankfully MCQ. Hopefully can make better educated guesses. Perhaps I might take a video whilst sitting for it and put in on Youtube.

I did some Digital Media decluttering last night. Backed up hundreds of photo on my Google Photo and free up space on my phone. Will be missing some of those photos as they have always been available in my phone gallery but Life Must Go On as I take more happy photos and adventures. As always my yearly resolution is to take more photos of myself but so far have been failing at that.

I have also signed up for next semesters classes. I will be taking on all 4 subjects. InsyaAllah am getting better at time management although Procrastination and Antisocial Behaviour drops in once in a while.