Using Kindle in Malaysia – I wish I knew earlier

Let me just make it clear. I have no regrets at all buying Kindle. It does has an added value to my life. I only wish to caution potential buyers of things to look out if you decide to invest in a Kindle.

Black Tablet

Owning a Kindle in Malaysia needs a bit of work and digital literacy if I could put it that way. I for one am not super awesome when it comes to technology. So, I was a bit dumbstruck when I got my Kindle. This is what happens when you do not do enough research and proceed with an impulse purchase. It should have triggered a thought in my little brain when we have people establishing websites like Kindle Malaysia. It is not just a support group or a Kindle fan club – it is actually more than that. But of course, I was oblivious to that fact.  Naive.

When I came across Kindle and saw the lovely blogger Audrey of using it some time ago, I had thought that it will be as easy as buying a book from Google Play/Amazon and reading it on the ebook reader. I was mistaken.

I bought my Kindle from Shopee seller [x3838] The after-sales service is commendable. Defo getting a 5 star rating from me. My e-Reader is the 10th Gen (black) glare Free with WIFI and built in audible. It comes with a USB2.0 charging cable (only). Kena beli the kepala. Price is RM480. Shipping costs was another RM4.77 and since I bought it during a promo period, shipping cost was almost free cause I got RM4 off. HA HA HA.

Back to what I was saying about being naive. Turns out to buy books off Amazon, you need to have a US-based account. You need an address, a credit card and what not. There are a few articles that wrote about hacking it but I fear if it would be illegal to do that. Or maybe super smart for being able to work around a loophole. But fret not because the seller I bought this Kindle from, sent me a special guide on how to enjoy Kindle despite not having a US based Amazon account. Legal, FREE ebooks are everywhere.

Person Using E-book Reader While Drinking Coffee

The guide and bonus E books came through after a week. Prior to that, I was using my Kindle to read my existing pdf documents and ebooks which I procured for free at various legal sites. I also bought some off Shopee. There are a handful of local ebook sellers that offer to find academic book titles for a fee. I also find it easier to find a bookseller’s top list on these platforms. I later learnt that the best ebook format to read on Kindle is the .mobi or the .kd8. The fonts are easier to enlarge sort of thing.

COVID-19 has pretty much affected the way I choose to learn. At the beginning of my semester, I had hoped to utilize the library at OUM and have physical books shipped to my learning center since they have these services. But the idea of going through a roadblock just to collect my books seem like a nuisance. Furthermore, 21st-century learning skills are pretty much online. I just need to dig into this method slowly to sow its benefits. I just need to find a proper e-bookstore and get my textbooks from there.

The Kindle is not a white elephant so far. I am using it to its near best potential. Since I put in on Airplane Mode, the battery usage is very minimal and I read on a blog somewhere that it could last up to a week or more depending on your reading habits. I was a bit annoyed at the refresh page screen appearance but I have learned to accept it as it is. It’s a tolerable disadvantage. Forget about downloading from Google PlayBook Store because I find the browser really really slow. Or is it because I have not got the hang of it yet. The easiest way to get the ebook to your Kindle is to transfer it with the cable provided from your PC/laptop. Damn fast.

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We hope to be a reading nation by 2030. I have just created an account on GoodReads with hopes that it will spur my reading stamina. Feel free to recommend me good accounts, articles or groups.

Exam dates update

With the COVID-19 pandemic happening, it has in a way disrupted the momentum of my studies. Most of my studying is already online that I couldn’t help wondering how much more online can we get to ensure a continuation in our education. Turns out OUM is an expert on this.

We could get access to most study materials online via their portal MyInspire and also the library. Although I miss touching physical books, I think I have to accept that 21st-century learning habits are mostly online. We are talking about Google Classrooms, QR scan codes to get access to notes, Web calls, etc.


Silver Ipad on Books


When OUM announced that the semester exams will be carried out online, I was a bit skeptical. How is that going to happen? Will it be something like a Zoom broadcast where you have an invigilator on-screen observing everyone in their little screens answering the paper? How would you know if someone is cheating?

Recently, OUM cleared the air by elaborating that the exams will be answered as per how we do our assignments. The questions would be released by 1am on Day 1 and students will have time to complete the paper by Day 2 at 8am. The answers are to be typed in a Word document in a size 12 Times New Roman font.

From my perspective as someone who has a job and a family to attend to, the best time for me to complete my exam would be on Day 1 sometime at night – once the kids (and husband) are asleep. At least, I can focus.

Having realized how different learning is nowadays  – I have decided to add on a gadget on my wishlist. A Kindle. From what I have read on most blog reviews, users seem to like it a lot. I wish that there were more local ( Malaysian) reviews but I can’t seem to find much about it. Maybe Malaysians love to read on their smartphones more. It is undoubtedly cost effective that way but I wanted something very specific for reading and free from distractions. So far, I have seen the Kindle (Generation 10) priced between RM450 – RM510 in online stores at Shopee.


Black Kindle E-book Reader On White Textile


If you have any thoughts about the Kindle, please let me know in the comments below. cheers…