My assignment marks are out

I am satisfied with my marks and comments made by the examiner. I acknowledge that there are areas that needs improvement especially the formatting and referencing part. Nama pun belajar kan.. so learn we must. Awal2 memang tak perfect lagi.

My assignment for Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun Asia, TITAS (MPU3323) on Nujum Pak Belalang scored 56.75% over a total of 70%. I did the task diligently, following the rubric guidelines attached to it. I feel that even if you are at lost at what to write, the rubric can help you. Aim for the best column mark because it seems that even in the best column, there are gradings from a weak-strong to a strong-strong point.

As you can see, my APA part needed more work.

My sources to help me for the TITAS write-up were mostly online journals but I got help with regards to the language form from books at the Melaka public library. I read on Malay literatures and proper DBPish magazines just to get a nice lenggok to the language. In a way, I can insert peribahasa, kiasan and perumpaan’s appropriately in my essay to make it a nice read. So that bila baca ada macam pantun or gurindam sikit. We want the examiner to feel intrigued and delighted to read our essay.

My other assignment is for the Learning Skills (OUMH1603) subject around Good Citizenship EDucation (GCED) and I chose the topic of Biodiversity. I have probably said it a lot of times, I really enjoyed writing about it and I made sure my examiner knew about it. Again, my guide is the rubric chart provided alongside the assignment. I achieved 50.25% over a total of 60% for this.

In this assignment, I highlighted the problem of Periuk Kera near extinction with regards to the Lemang Periuk Kera and of an individual, Jadav ‘Molai’ Payeng who replanted a forest in India. One of the most helpful sources I looked into while writing about this is the Biodiversity Course playlist on the California Academy of Sciences channel on YouTube. I understood the theories from our OUM handbook better after watching the videos. YouTube is an excellent resource for assignment write-ups. You can use the words and even some great sentences because it does not go through the similarity check unless it is written down somewhere and available on the internet.

All assignments go through a similarity check and different ranges of percentage warrants respective mark deductions. Since both of my essays had less than 30% , no marks were deducted. If say, a student has between 30.01 – 50% from the check, 5 marks are deducted and the list goes on. It is just not worth it. Do the assignments on your own, do not hire third party help. Do not copy a friends essay even though they are at a different learning centre. Write from the brain with passion. LOL.

I can’t give access to my essays at the moment.

Not until I have gotten my marks from other parts of the examination. Once I am pass that, only then I can upload my essay. Thank you for your understanding. I hope my other results are OK too. Wish me luck.

Planning my study time

I envy how some StudyGrammers outline their study progress. Not to mention the aesthetics of doing it all in a very organized manner. I am still intrigued as to why Korean students especially, use timers during study hours. Perhaps it is to log their time or something on a spreadsheet? Or more for personal satisfaction? Enlighten me. I really want to know.

I am still quite manual when it comes to making a timetable. I feel that I achieve more when I cross out the list with my colourful pens. This is basically how mine look like for this 1st semester in February. Perhaps next month or next semester’s timetable would be more pleasing to the eyes.


My 3 subjects for this semester are;

  1. ABPG1103 – Introduction to Psychology
  2. MPU3323 – Tamadun Islam & Tamadun Asia
  3. OUMH1603 – Learning Skills for 21st Century

For psychology, part of my assessment is Task-Based and via online MCQ. I have a handbook to guide me with supplementary Face To Face tutorial and an E Tutor on the portal. If I read enough and keep up with my tasks, I would be able to get at least a pass.

Tamadun Islam is a mandatory module for every student. For this subject, I have an assignment to complete and handed in. So far, I don’t have online quizzes to complete. Will blog about that once I’ve completed it. InsyaAllah. 

Learning Skills sounds basic BUT when you organize a branch of knowledge in a systematic manner – you later find out that there is so much more to know. IT is not just IT. There is a process to it. I feel very humbled about the vastity of this subject. For this module, I also have an assignment to complete on top of online MCQs to answer.