The road not taken

It takes a certain grit and mental strength to specialize in something. To become the master of a skill, tree of knowledge or a trade. Especially a formal and accredited one. I for one do not think I need to be a sifu. Yes, I strive to be a safe medical doctor. No kidding but I am also thinking of remaining happy for the rest of my life. As Allah permits it.

I was here today.


To take on a different path.

I mean if we could have a navy seal becomes a doctor and later have a drastic switch in career to become an astronaut – I don’t see why I can’t do the same. I don’t have to become a specialist. I can still become a doctor and something else.

I explored that today. Open University Malaysia offers part times courses suitable for working candidates. I sat with one of the counselors there and there were so so helpful. In fact, there was a mother trying to register into a programme with her supportive husband and children waiting outside. What a lovely scene!

I needed to get some documents sorted. And if all goes well, I will be a mature student soon. InsyaAllah.