Ideal desk setup

As a student who needs to be at a table to do revision and complete assignments, I am always finding ways to vamp up that Study Vibe.

My ideal setup would be

  • Near the window for natural light during the day. And to enjoy the city’s skyline at night with a desk lamp of course. There’d be a big moon at a distance. So this space would be a few storeys high.
  • Everything I need is within a hands reach.
  • Surrounded by bookshelves
  • A room that smells nice, fresh, vibrant
Minci’s desk area

My desk space is much more spacious now as I have moved some of my stuff on the metal shelf. I also created a small space there to put my camera in case I want to film a study vlog. This is like a side thing I am planning to do (hopefully) consistently by early of next year. The shelf becomes a partition between my study space and the mini lounge/ prayer area. Trying to be creative and purposeful with limited space.

I have recently submitted an application to my State Health Office for a transfer to a nearby Primary Care facility. This decision is partly driven by my husbands pending placement for his specialist job post. Once he receives his letter, it’ll be just me and the kids. With my in laws as my support and backup team. Praying for the best.