Shop around for the right partner

Every time I feel disappointed in my other half for the little annoyances that happen in our daily lives – like not washing the dishes, making horrible jokes, not throwing out the trash etc.. I remind myself of this clip.

Cause my partner does not clip my wings.

He let me study on top of keeping a full-time job. He knows that the house will not be clean 24/7, I will not be able to cook our meals daily, the kids will need attention while I attend my classes, I will be ‘difficult’ sometimes.

Responding to forums

Open University Malaysia (OUM) relies a lot on the forum for tutor-student online interaction. Perhaps it is an indicator for the tutors performance in teaching. I was only aware of it’s importance last semester when my communication subject e-tutor emphasized a lot on making the forum lively. In this semester, my tutor for the Hubungan Etnik subject also made it clear to bring some sort of interaction to the forum. He even suggested that he was fine with just a ‘TQ’ response to all his posts.

I love the forum. If utilized properly, it is a great platform to disseminate information and share ideas. In fact, OUM also have other resources available in the study portal such as the virtual lectures and e-weekly lessons. I am looking forward to explore the virtual library better this semester too. Wish me luck.

Overcoming the Study Slump

I have dwelled and entertained the sluggish side of myself. It is time to regain my motivation and harness the energy for my 4th semester. I hate that I missed out on my E-tutorials last week (all 4 of them) but knowing that my mind wouldn’t be present at all during the class – I figured I should just use those extra hours to sleep or get myself sorted.

I mentioned in my previous post that I should Relax. Reorganize. And Remove stuff. And that was exactly what I did.


I told myself that I should take it easy. I reminded myself that although I haven’t been keeping up with my lessons – I was not exactly wasting time either. Instead I have been using those hours for my work commitments. I have been drafting plans and ‘materials’ for the upcoming mega-scale vaccination programme rolling out by the end of February.

I cooked myself nutritious meals. I even had time to prepare fruit cups for my family. A wonderful habit I am thinking on continuing afterwards.

I am taking better care of my skin. My acne scars are still there but less pigmentated. I wished I could do a foot scrub and pedicure but the spa is closed. The best foot rub I got was from my mini Gintell massage machine. The kneading machine.

I took the time to participate in my son’s online learning. He thinks its harrassment on my part. I feel I am doing a good job. On the other hand, I am (still) trying to read more bedtime stories with my daughter.

The best thing I did was probably decorating my mini garden with lanterns and chinese inspired solar lights. Although I am vertically challenged, I had fun putting the ornaments up. Chinese New Year is swinging by next week and I hope whoever passes by my house would be delighted to see a mini light show at night. I am also hoping that there will be no porch pirates looking for opportunities to steal my solar lamps. This is because I have waited patiently for them as they were shipped from China.


Decluttering as always. I still need to combat my recycling space in my porch. I rearranged my scrap papers, my books and my clothes. I scanned my pantry to see what groceries I can get after Chinese New Year. I colour coded my toiletries. I folded my laundry and kept them away. The idea of organizing is such that I could free up my mental space as well. In short, my weekend was well spent with cleaning and going through things.


I begin to remove items on my checklist that is dragging me down. Like confirming my Doterra account. Settling the fees. Revising my KPIs for this year and emailing them to my superior. Starting my drafts for my essay. Brainstorming ideas so it wouldn’t mess about it my head. Technically removing all the storm of uncertainties and procrastinating activities in my life. Indeed, it has been a good exercise for the past few days. I managed through a difficult chapter in my cognitive psychology and got that over with. now I am ready to start rolling the ball again.

What do you do if you have a Study Slump? What are your tips?