Welcome Semester 6

These are the subjects I am taking this semester. Again, I dropped the OUM English subject. Perhaps, next semester I can take up to 4 subjects. We will see how the schedule and workload is at the workplace next year first. As usual, a renewed motivation to study every time. My preparation period has not changed much from previous semesters. Just that, part of the tracking has been shifted online. Been using Google Calendar more.

These are the things I have been up to this past weekend.


Open University Malaysia (OUM) has this virtual learning portal where students log in to get access to their module, digital library and keep up with announcements pertaining to their study. I would double check if I have paid my semester fees and if the exam results have been published fully. Semester fees must be paid dutifully in order for the exam transcripts to be released.


I would download the subject module and keep copies on my laptop and also the given Google Drive. This is so I could read them at work if I have some free time. I would also print out my assignment questions because I am a paper person.


It is therapeutic to sort my bundles of sticky notes and loose papers. I would stock up on my foolscap paper, A4 paper and the coloured ones. I’d make sure my pens are in stock especially the refills. My current favourite is the Sarasa Gel INk Pen. I am however also eyeing the Zebra Ballpoint pens as they seem to have very sleek designs. Minci needs cool stationeries to keep the motivation running.


Before the start of the first tutorial, I’d be sure to skim through the module and get a general overview of what the subject is all about. It helps me to map out on how much time I’d need to spend for every topic of every subject. I would then write down the outline on a piece of paper. Only then I am able to delve into the details. The reference lists are a good guide on the type of resources one could use for further reading and understanding. Once you’ve gathered that information, it’ll be easier to search for it from the digital library.

I still have one more subject to outline. After that, I can start reading the modules at a glance and start my literary research for my assignments. Wish me luck for this semester.

Time left to submit assignments



  hours  minutes  seconds


Assignment Deadline

I have 3 assignments to be submitted on that day. I think I had thought that I wouldn’t be involved in the Covid-19 vaccination team for my clinic. Which explains my overzealous spirit to take up to 4 subjects this semester. Being part of the team, it means being on duty every single day. Which also means that if I ever have to take leave, I would feel really really guilty. Because there is only 2 of us running the show for our team. And this will be going on until next year. Therefore, I don’t think I should be that ambitious in choosing which subject to take for next semester. Ambil apa yang mampu sahaja.

A little update on my assignments.

For Cognitive Psychology (ABPK1203) I am choosing my mom as the subject to explain what Perception is all about. I am supposed to use the topics in the module to explain about her visual and auditory tasks. It is quite an interesting task actually (once you understand what it wants). It does take a while to kick it off.

The Child Psychology (ABPD1203) assignment on the hand requires a write up on Vygotsky’s Sociocultural Theory and an interview with a mother with regards to how she manages her kids emotions and discipline. I am planning to interview my sister.

I am leaving the 3rd subject towards the end as I figure out how to create a company out of thin air, make it sound authentic in a make believe work meeting. I am playing the role of a senior manager from the HR department making a presentation to the board members after a trial of Work From Home (WFH) period. It will be a play of creativity, which I enjoy, but due to time limitation I am not quite sure if I would be able to pull off what I have in mind.

Anyway, knowing myself – come what may, I will make it work at the end of the day. InsyaAllah.

Warming up to Year 2, Semester 4

Just like that I am already in my 2nd year of studies.

Undoubtedly the subjects are becoming more challenging. Thus, demanding a higher level of commitment and focus to the course. The assignments become more interesting with every semester too. After a brief rest period post-exams, it is time to pick up the pen, activate the brain cells and kick off the nerd mode.

I am thinking of utilizing the OUM student account google calendar more to track my study hours. All of my 4 subjects this semester carry 3 credit hours . That’s an average of 24 -36 hours of study of study time per week. On second thought, that’s like being a full time student! Now how do I squeeze in these hours into my already busy work schedule?

I definitely need to make time and block some hours of my day to study effectively.

First and foremost, I will try my best to attend all of my weekly e-tutorials LIVE. That itself should cover at least an hour for every subject. Sometimes the lectures can drag to another 30mins or so. Then the other strategies should follow.

  • Participate in forums on a certain date for at least 30 mins
  • Minimum 2 hours at night to read and make notes on my topics – excluding e tutorial hours. Hence, I will need to adjust this once the schedule comes out. These virtual classes are usually at night although this time I am anticipating that there might be sessions on a weekday night.
  • Weekend nights will follow the same rule although I may need to set some hours during the day to perhaps focus on assignments, do e-weekly lessons, listen to podcasts or read journals related to my tasks.
  • Opportunistic reading in between patients, lunch hours, waiting for food to cook etc..

Perhaps it would be clearer once I start updating my google calendar to see if I will ever achieve the total hours. This week I managed an hour for every subject as I go through chapter 1. I think that’s good enough for a warm up. After all, I still need to do my online medical CMEs on MIMS and Docquity.

Signed up for Year 2

In a blink of an eye, I am already in the 2nd year of my course. How time flies with so many things happening nowadays. I am so glad I took that leap of faith early of last year not knowing that COVID 19 will happen worldwide. At least I know I am walking, albeit slowly on the road not taken.

4 subjects are offered in Semester 4 which will commence in January 2021. I was torn between dropping a subject and taking them anyway. After much thinking between the 2 options over a week, I decided to just take all 4 subjects. I figured I just need to manage my time better and better. After all, there’s plenty of technological help and moments of opportunity for me to accomplish these tasks.

  • I have a Roborock S5 to help me do mini cleaning intermittently until I gather enough motivation to do them myself
  • I can do a Click and Collect at my nearest Tesco which is wonderful. I hope it stays like that forever and ever
  • Since school is still out – I can run errands during lunchtime and my parents in law can help mind the kids when I am desperate.

Now. The fees. It will cost me nearly RM2K next semester. InsyaAllah.. boleh diusahakan. Less shopping it is.

The Study Girl

I find it interesting that there is a community who loves this Lo-Fi Study Girl. It is apparently a thing. I personally love the animation although the girl does not move much in the videos. She has her headphones, her cup of hot brew, a book and almost always study-ing in a dark, yet well lit room. That is so me.

I am between the night owl and the morning bird.

Either way, my mind and mood is best during the darkest hours. So it could be at night or early hours of dawn. Once the sun rises, I’ll be like a vampire – lemau. Anyway, the family being Nomadic in their sleeping habits, the family has now shifted their habitat to my personal study. In a way, I feel less lonely studying up late. Although I need to mute my microphones and switch off my camera during E-tutorials because I don’t want the audience to hear my husband snore. He is an early sleeper.

My subjects for this semester (3) are;

  • Social Psychology
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Community Service

If my application goes through, I might be able to add the Basic Mandarin subject too.

Classes are still 100% online and I guess learners are getting more attentive and participating enthusiastically for the weekly E-Tutorials. My psychology E-Tutor has changed to Dr Ju. As for the other subjects, it seems that both my E-tutors hail from Sarawak. Hooray urang kampung kita koh..

All my online classes are on the weekend during quite convenient times. Alhamdulilah for that. My intentions for this semester is to try and attend them all. I regret not keeping up with my English classes last semester hence struggled with the subject. But even if I were to go through Semester 2 again, I’d probably end up doing the same thing as Time was a variable that had a huge impact on how I planned my studies. Somehow I felt Time was not on my side at the time. InsyaAllah I will do better this semester.

Wish me luck!