Semester 3 results

I checked the OUM portal for our results. in OUM, a huge proportion of the marks are weighed from our assignments or online quizzes. In fact, one of the subjects, the Community Service module has no paper exam and is fully dependent on our assignment work. Fair enough, much of the effort is channeled through these assignments as it demands critical thinking, lots of reading and focus, skills in acquiring information, sometimes a polish in our communication skills and presenting skills.

I hope to become better in reading and analyzing journals.

I hope to become better in writing an academic essay. I want to sound masculine (not really a man) when I put forth my ideas and arguments.

In short, I did quite well for the semester. I got an A for two subjects. Waiting for the formal results of one more subject. My essay has an overlap of between o.2 – 3% overlap with another student. Which makes me anxious if this coming semester would be horrible since I am doing good in this one. Classes will start next week and I’ve already put in the slots in both my Google calendar and my mini Hobominci. Another student is more enthusiastic as he has already introduced himself in the (empty) forum due to start next week.

ELM and attitude change

HIJRAH is a big word in the Islamic context. The word was first used to describe the movement of the Prophet Muhammad and his followers from Mekah to Madinah. Hereby, marking the 1st day of the Islamic calendar. Nowadays it is commonly associated with a lifestyle change. Often towards a more Islamic appearance and way of living as seen in our local Malaysian celebrities.

Perhaps the earliest influence of this concept, as far as I could remember were personalities like Wardina Safiyyah, Misz Nina and Irma Hasmie. In fact, the external change that the public saw in them had been so consistent up till now. In between, other celebrities begin to emerge with their Hijrah story, each with their own stories of why they choose to cover up or become more affiliated to the Islamic teaching. Of course, there were few who had challenges along their Hijrah journey and reverted back to their old lifestyle. The latter is a sensitive issue which I personally think is best left between these individuals and The Creator. As outsiders, we don’t really know what they need to face or go through in the local entertainment industry.

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It begs the question.

How do we achieve Long-lasting Attitude Change?

Well, it seems that in psychology we have a reason for that and I will draw your attention to one theory in particular. The Elaboration Likelihood Model (ELM) of persuasion.

ELM is fairly new in the world of psychology as it was proposed in 1986 by Petty and Cacioppo. The model explains that there are 2 ways in how persuasive communication can cause attitude change : centrally, where people are motivated and pay attention to the arguments, and peripherally, when people are influenced more by surface characteristics. It is evident in studies that those who had attitude shifts are most likely to maintain it if it was based on a strong argument as opposed to those who change because of a peripheral cue.

A lady who chooses to wear a modest outfit including a hijab will most likely continue to do so despite resistance if they understood the Islamic argument behind it. A lady who chooses to don a hijab because they looked prettier in it or just wanting to keep up with the trends are most likely not going to be consistent with it. This is thus an important concept of persuasive communication everyone could use in their daily lives especially when you intend to change a mindset that further initiates a change in behaviour. BECAUSE that link between intention and behavioural change is another set of theories.

First things first is to get the individuals attention to your argument. If they are motivated enough, they would be keen to listen to it and instigate the process of long-lasting attitude change. This usually requires a lot of personal effort on the individuals part. Otherwise, they might just make that temporary shift just because they don’t really care and had thought you simply looked pretty when talking about it.

Examination Timetable

This semester my exam dates are on the 13th and 17th of December. The time being 10am-10pm. Another take home examination format but thankfully MCQ. Hopefully can make better educated guesses. Perhaps I might take a video whilst sitting for it and put in on Youtube.

I did some Digital Media decluttering last night. Backed up hundreds of photo on my Google Photo and free up space on my phone. Will be missing some of those photos as they have always been available in my phone gallery but Life Must Go On as I take more happy photos and adventures. As always my yearly resolution is to take more photos of myself but so far have been failing at that.

I have also signed up for next semesters classes. I will be taking on all 4 subjects. InsyaAllah am getting better at time management although Procrastination and Antisocial Behaviour drops in once in a while.

2 down , 1 to go

Alhamdulilah, managed to submit my Entrepreneurship and Social Psychology assignments on time. Still experiencing residual palpitations because I always have this paranoid feeling that I’ve submitted the wrong essay to the wrong subject. That is despite multiple checking before pressing the Submit Button.

For entrepreneurship, I wrote about Subway. So, that is kind of still sticking to the plan. For Social Psychology, I wrote about stereotyping religious groups specifically the Jemaah Tabligh. I am crossing my fingers hoping for good marks for both essays.

Other things crossed off my list include;

  • evaluating tutor performance
  • slotting in my exam dates for December in my Hobonichi. Looks like there’ll be another countdown
  • drafting questions for the interview with my husband tomorrow for the Community Service assignment. The deadline for this subject is the 6th of December. Plenty of time for that but I’d really like to get my revision going
  • mopping the floor
  • waking up my robot bibik to clean the bigger part of the house

The online registration for next semester is already open. 4 courses are on offer. I am still in a dilemma of whether I would be able to get 4 of them on board.

My youngest brother asked me about the MBA programme in Open University Malaysia (OUM). Seems like he needs a bit of a qualification boost to get him up the corporate ladder. He seemed very sure about his goals and as his sister, of course I gave him all the encouragement that he needed. He is doing very well as this marketing executive for JTech Robotics. I had a look at the fees and couldn’t help thinking that I’d have to prepare that much of money as well to pursue my own Masters (maybe) in the future.

Countdown to assignment submission

I am doing better this semester in terms of literature searching. I still haven’t fully utilize the digital library but will get there, InsyaAllah. My psychology paper is progressing at 60% whilst my entrepreneur paper is at 50%. It will be a week full of headache but I have taken a few days off work to kind of focus a little bit.



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