The Social Factor

In Klinik Kesihatan, one of the most important aspects we healthcare practitioners have to pay special attention to is the social factor in the patients life. The family support system, the job, the wage that comes with it, the transport, the god-knows-what-else factor which will affect the patients compliance to treatment and capacity to attend appointments.

And we see A LOT yang tak cukup bab2 ni.

Dari yang anak-anak sibuk takde org nak bawak mak ke klinik, to yang tkde kereta. What more those yang battling addiction and those in financial difficulties. Everyone is a unique case but would require some time before we could piece the problems together as we dig as much as we can during each meeting. It is important to filter out which masalah is genuine and could be helped as opposed to exaggeration and stories from batu api.

Yeh, batu api pun ramai. Bajet mulia di mata doktor tapi hakikatnya habis appointment ko takdelah care sgt kan kat ‘makcik’ or ‘mak’ yang ko bawak tu. We can tell through questions we ask and answers you give.

Despite the hurdles in getting assistance for these patients – there are success stories. Which I could perhaps share later. In this life, every bit helps. But it requires participation and commitment from all sides.

The patient must be transparent and honest in laying out the problem.

The doctor must be able to sift through the information and provide temporary suggestions whilst the permanent ones take place. Suggestions of course get better with time and experience as we deal with more patients, learn more and work together with other personnel (physiotherapist, nutritionist, social worker).

Once a plan has been drafted and agreed upon, the patient must honour subsequent appointments with the relevant authorities. No pointlah bincang sampai mulut berbuih, ambik masa berharga pesakit2 lain yang sedang menunggu nak jumpa doktor and tetiba kau default appointment atas sebab lupa atau tkde org bawak. Appointments are always given in advance – so rancang lah. Use GrabCar ke apa.

And finally be open and receptive to the outcome. We cannot expect that all our shortcomings are fulfilled. These assistance’s are meant to assist as their best capacity and it may not be able to solve a problem that has been there for 10 years for instance. So take what you can, appreciate the help and try to work your way around it. Always always pray to Allah that your burden will be eased at His Mercy. InsyaAllah, everything will be well.