Semester 5 subjects

I am glad that in one year, we have 3 semesters. It helps to keep me in focus. For Semester 5, I am taking on 3 subjects since I feel that I have a lot of things going on in the upcoming months. My subjects for this semester include;

a) Statistics for psychology – I have printed out my notes. The module has 10 topics and looking at the assignment question, I have to say that I am very clueless on how to answer it. It is a very odd situation as usually I am always able to have an idea on how to go about the topic, but this subject is just very alien to me right now. Thankfully, the e tutorial classes are scheduled on a Saturday morning. At least, I don’t have to stay up on a weekday night.

b) Hubungan Etnik – I feel this is an interesting subject to sit through. It is intriguing to see how we navigate around this subject in a non-judgemental manner as learners. I suppose this is like studying history and how it’ll fit the current culture of our society. It seems that the subject will be using Bahasa Melayu.

c) Health and Wellness – Skimming through the topics, it looks like something that is applicable in my evergreen journey of losing weight! Maybe I could learn a thing or two from it.

So far, all of the assignments pertaining to these subjects does not involve any video making. I kind of missed that! Hahaha.. but I suppose it is a safe, traditional approach to completing an assignment and scoring relevant points. I have just visited the forum a few days ago and noticed a few familiar names as learners introduce themselves in the forum. Looking forward to a new adventure in learning!