The Study Girl

I find it interesting that there is a community who loves this Lo-Fi Study Girl. It is apparently a thing. I personally love the animation although the girl does not move much in the videos. She has her headphones, her cup of hot brew, a book and almost always study-ing in a dark, yet well lit room. That is so me.

I am between the night owl and the morning bird.

Either way, my mind and mood is best during the darkest hours. So it could be at night or early hours of dawn. Once the sun rises, I’ll be like a vampire – lemau. Anyway, the family being Nomadic in their sleeping habits, the family has now shifted their habitat to my personal study. In a way, I feel less lonely studying up late. Although I need to mute my microphones and switch off my camera during E-tutorials because I don’t want the audience to hear my husband snore. He is an early sleeper.

My subjects for this semester (3) are;

  • Social Psychology
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Community Service

If my application goes through, I might be able to add the Basic Mandarin subject too.

Classes are still 100% online and I guess learners are getting more attentive and participating enthusiastically for the weekly E-Tutorials. My psychology E-Tutor has changed to Dr Ju. As for the other subjects, it seems that both my E-tutors hail from Sarawak. Hooray urang kampung kita koh..

All my online classes are on the weekend during quite convenient times. Alhamdulilah for that. My intentions for this semester is to try and attend them all. I regret not keeping up with my English classes last semester hence struggled with the subject. But even if I were to go through Semester 2 again, I’d probably end up doing the same thing as Time was a variable that had a huge impact on how I planned my studies. Somehow I felt Time was not on my side at the time. InsyaAllah I will do better this semester.

Wish me luck!