Exam Week Start

Exam week starts tomorrow. I will be starting with English For Written Communication, Principles of Management and finally Psychology. I am so glad that Psychology has an MCQ format for this semester. At least, I can find a trigger in my brain for the correct answer. I don’t think I can write an essay say, on the biodata for Wilhelm Wundt.

I am a bit nervous about my English paper. It is one of the subjects where you think you know a lot of but ended up failing it anyway. It reminds me of the a subject I failed being a medical student in Manchester. The task was to summarize a journal in 100 words. Mencabar. Thankfully, I passed for my second attempt.

I loved Principles of Management. I couldn’t help evaluating the management style of my superior after that. And how it could be better.

I cannot wait for this week to be over so that I could finish up on my management essay and hand it in. Then, I will have at least a one week break before I pulun and pull off a studying strategy for my 3rd semester. In between, I am looking forward to 2 stay cations in the city.

Slow Study Tempo in May

Evidently, a very empty month in May. I have signed up for my subjects but classes have yet to be open. I just wish for at least the module handbooks to be available. I am so restless at the thought of being in the dark with regards of what I need to know for each subject.

In the meantime, at work – it has been proposed that Klinik Kesihatan (KK) will be operated based on the shift system. Currently, it is still in an evaluation and survey phase to see if we could cope seeing the same amount of patients before MCO with the current restrictions. Namely factors like social distancing and such. A blogger, DianaIshak coined a term ‘syarat puteri gunung ledang’ to describe a situation where a person lays out the most ridiculous rules and request with the hope of deterring the opposite party’s intentions. I think that term fits our circumstances too. Either way, shifts will start eventually in KK, it is only a matter of time for it to be initiated fully. So, be open and prepared for the possibility. I think most of us are thinking about child care.