School is postponed. Higher learning education is also postponed.

Due to MCO, school is not starting yet for the new term next week. This means online learning for my 10 year old at home under the supervision of the grandma and myself. My aim is for him not to be too left out especially when he is starting off in a fresh grade.

Apart from my own study schedule, I would need to rope in my son to be also responsible for his own study plans. I have cleaned up part of his bedroom and study desk. I should teach him how to make his study timetable. I am thinking of creating a better study space for him and the younger sister next to my personal space in our reading area. I hope it will give off some sort of studious vibe to it and encourage the kids to focus on their lessons.

I am also aware that I can have a magnificent set up but if I am not on board, it will not be a productive learning session for us. Which means cultivating better time management skills on my part. Ha ha ha.