ODL and virtual study buddies

Open and Distance Learning (ODL) is an excellent choice for part time learners like myself. However, I do miss the identifying behaviours of a student in a tertiary learning centre.

  • listening to lectures in halls or classrooms
  • being in the library – either at a desk or just browsing through the books on the shelf
  • walking through the entrance of uni
  • sitting at the concourse or whichever common area to discuss something
  • spending time in the computer lab

It can be quite lonely ploughing through the course as an individual. Being a social animal, there are efforts to kind of connect with other learners through the uni forum or telegram group. The interaction was jovial in the beginning but it is quite hard to keep up the momentum of having an online communication. Especially when you are swamped with your other responsibilities towards work or family. Sooner or later, the telegram group just becomes quiet.

I recently discovered that there is an online website that connects learners around the world to study together. It is the brainchild of Ali Abdal. It is a virtual room where you connect to the internet, switch on your individual camera and just study. With other students who are doing the same thing.


There is this other thing that ARMY’s are doing. (I am a baby ARMY).

You go on Youtube and just study with BTS sat in front of you while on their camera. Of course, the video is an edit- the boys are well.. not really studying. Instead, they’d be doing whatever it is that they were doing during their LIVE videos.

My favourite is of course anything that have SUGA in it… I am very obsessed with the song Seesaw at the moment. I have it on repeat on my Spotify.

As of now, I am going through my e-weekly lessons and will be penning down the outline of my assignment essays soon. Will try to get it done by this weekend.