Warming up to Year 2, Semester 4

Just like that I am already in my 2nd year of studies.

Undoubtedly the subjects are becoming more challenging. Thus, demanding a higher level of commitment and focus to the course. The assignments become more interesting with every semester too. After a brief rest period post-exams, it is time to pick up the pen, activate the brain cells and kick off the nerd mode.

I am thinking of utilizing the OUM student account google calendar more to track my study hours. All of my 4 subjects this semester carry 3 credit hours . That’s an average of 24 -36 hours of study of study time per week. On second thought, that’s like being a full time student! Now how do I squeeze in these hours into my already busy work schedule?

I definitely need to make time and block some hours of my day to study effectively.

First and foremost, I will try my best to attend all of my weekly e-tutorials LIVE. That itself should cover at least an hour for every subject. Sometimes the lectures can drag to another 30mins or so. Then the other strategies should follow.

  • Participate in forums on a certain date for at least 30 mins
  • Minimum 2 hours at night to read and make notes on my topics – excluding e tutorial hours. Hence, I will need to adjust this once the schedule comes out. These virtual classes are usually at night although this time I am anticipating that there might be sessions on a weekday night.
  • Weekend nights will follow the same rule although I may need to set some hours during the day to perhaps focus on assignments, do e-weekly lessons, listen to podcasts or read journals related to my tasks.
  • Opportunistic reading in between patients, lunch hours, waiting for food to cook etc..

Perhaps it would be clearer once I start updating my google calendar to see if I will ever achieve the total hours. This week I managed an hour for every subject as I go through chapter 1. I think that’s good enough for a warm up. After all, I still need to do my online medical CMEs on MIMS and Docquity.